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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Saturday Evening Weather

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Saturday Evening Weather
Saturday Evening Weather

16 WAPT meteorologist Christopher Pipkin has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Yeah,quite beautiful saturday here acrossmuch of central Mississippi 85 degreeshere.

Jackson was the overall high sofar and it's just been a reallybeautiful day out there, not even acloud in the sky earlier towards theafternoon.

And of course that's gonnachange to begin to the next few days.We're talking about a lot of rain.Until then though, a nice andcomfortable night in store loads intothose lower sixties again comingconditions all the way.

They werecoming into your Mother's Day though,looking warm once again and the wholeday is not looking like a washout.

Thatis the good news.

But get ready becausethe rain train is on its way thanks toa system that is pushing off here rightin the Great Plains, is getting readyand gearing up and starting to get hischarge as it continues to push on downtowards the southeast.

Notice thatwe've got that cloud free area hereacross much of the Southeast so far,thanks to high pressure and that'sgonna continue again for your Mother'sDay and it's gonna make for a beautifulday out there, but it's not gonna lasttoo long.

That low will continue topush on down here as it continues tocharge up with it, bringing in a fewstorms heavy at times, heavy rain,lightning, and thunder and maybe a fewstrong storms, especially over there,far, far north western counties, butnotices it comes through here fromArkansas Louisiana down towards centralMississippi starts to at least gainit's or lose its energy Sgts to pushoff down here for the central part ofthe state and losing a lot of thestrength, but still notice heavy rainall the way through, especially towardsthe evening and overnight hours foryour sunday that lasts all the way intoyour monday, to a few pockets of raincontinuing on for your monday, someheavy at times, maybe a few rumbles ofthunder continuing on through.

Just getready because the rain train is here tostay as well, you get into the rest ofyour week, so coming into your mondayagain, those showers will continue tobe on prominent, more moisture gettingkicked up as a cold front that startsto stall right here over the centralMississippi, it's not gonna kick outany of the moisture, the moisture isgoing to be allowed to just reallyspill on in here towards Mississippi.Heavy rain again is the story raintrain.

That's what we're calling it,anywhere.

From 2 to 5 inches all theway through your Wednesday and you cansee where at least a lot of us could begetting around that five inch category,especially down here towards centralMississippi.

So 2 to 5 inches is whatwe're calling it.

And it could becausing force and flash flooding andespecially for some flooding acrossmuch of the state.

So, be weather awarethis week and continue to wash thelatest conditions that we can watchthese enormous a lot of tracks ofshowers and thunderstorms moving acrossthe state work tonight, that will beinto those lower sixties, coming intoyour Mother's Day.

Again, it's notgoing to be a complete washout is gonnabe a beautiful day and then coming intothe later evening time hours, That'swhenever one of those showers andstorms start to enter centralMississippi.

But before then again it'sgonna be a nice day.

Then againovernight hours for your Sundays whenwe're really highlighting for thatheavy rain to be pushing through and tothose mid sixties and again, here comesthe rain train as we get into this week.Look at your monday, your Tuesday, yourWednesday lightning showers,thunderstorms, I'm telling you it'sgonna be a washout as we get into yourWednesday temperatures, staying intothose mid seventies all the way through.That's the good news is that we aregoing to be hot and humid.

It's gonnabe a nice fill out there in terms ofthose temperatures, but coming intoyour thursday and friday and even tonext week.

And we start to dry out highsince the seventies,mm hmm, mm hmm.

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