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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Nina Dobrev Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

Credit: WIRED
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Nina Dobrev Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions
Nina Dobrev Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

Nina Dobrev takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself.

Did Nina Dobrev ever date anyone from The Vampire Diaries?

Did Nina audition for Twilight?

How did Nina and Julianne Hough meet?

How does she know Vin Diesel?

Nina answers all these questions and much more!LOVE HARD is available on Netflix November 5, 2021,

- I'm Nina Dobrevand I'm back doing the WiredAutocomplete Interview.[upbeat music]Does it count as Googlingif it comes in a paper?Did Nina Dobrev, it's a long one,ever date anyone from,you guys asking me thesehard hitting questionsthat I'm not going to answer.I mean, that one's pretty obvious.Yes.

Yes, I did.Damon, Stefan, one of the Lockwoods, Matt,Elena dated Matt as well,broke his heart, broke alltheir hearts, actually.I was a heartbreaker.Did Nina Dobrevaudition for "Twilight?"Did I?Oh, God.So, I remember reading the book,becoming obsessed with "Twilight,"wanting to audition for itwhen they started doing that,but they didn't care about me.They didn't want me to audition.But hey, I got "VampireDiaries," so it all worked lip sync battle?Wow, you guys.I did not win the lip syncbattle, and it's still,I still carry that around to this day.Tim Tebow, you know what you did.die in real life?People are wondering about this?Who thinks I died?Do I even need to answerthis question.

I'm here.Next board.How Nina Dobrev,how did Nina Dobrev andJulianne Hough meet?We have a mutual hairstylistand friend named Rihanna Capri.Everybody knows that yourhairstylist is your therapist.Like you're sitting in their chair,complaining about your life.I was doing that with Rihannaand telling her about my life.Julianne was doing the same thing.And I think Rihanna was kind of sickof hearing us bitch to her about it.So, she was like, you know what?You're not paying me enough.I'm going to put you two together.You guys can talk aboutall this and figure it out.She knew that we wouldget along and we did.And the rest is history.How does Nina Dobra know Vin Diesel?Vin and I did a movie togethercalled "XXX: Return of Xander Cage."No, it is not a porno.It's an action movie.I play a tech nerd that is very awkward.How does Nina Dobrevknow Bulgarian?Known Bulgarian?The way I known Bulgarianis I was born in Bulgaria.So, Bulgarian is my first language.I remember growing up whenwe moved to Canada eventuallyand my parents got really concernedthat I was losing my Bulgarian.So, they started insistingthat we speak Bulgarianin the household.And I remember as a kid being so annoyedthat they were making me do thisbecause all my cool friendsin school spoke Englishand it wasn't until I became an adultthat I really, really,really valued the fact.It's really useful tohave the muscle memoryand knowledge and sort of exercise thatto be able to speak multiplelanguages is really great.So, I'm really grateful.Thanks, mom and dad.Yeah, okay.

Don't shove it in my face.I already know.[board clatters]Oh!You guys okay over there?What's Nina Dobrev,Uh-oh.What's Nina Dobrev doing now?I'm currently in a studiofilming this interview.What movies are Nina Dobrevin on Netflix?I'm doing a movie right now for Netflixthat is called "Love Hard."It is just coming out now.You might see my dog, Mrs. Maverick,in one of the shots.So, try to spot her.What's Nina Dobrev's,this might be a problem.I think it said Zodiac beforeI ripped it off the sheet.I think I'm a Aquarius,Capricorn, Sagittarius combo?Don't really know what that means.And I've had it explainedto me, but you know,like in one ear out theother kind of a vibe.What "Degrassi" was Nina Dobrev in?I was in "Degrassi: The Next Generation,"the show with Drake andShenae Grimes, Lauren Collins,and all the other talented,wonderful cast members.We definitely stay in touch,probably not as much as I'd like to,but whenever we do run into each other,it's always a good time.What Nina Dobrev,what Nina Dobreveats in a day?That's an interesting, why?[laughs] It's funny to me that people wantto know what I eat.I eat a lot of things.I eat healthy some days.I eat really bad some other days.I eat all kinds of yummy,like vegan burgers.I like making gluten-free pastas.I like cooking a lot, which isfun and also time consuming,but it feels sort of like,it's a great way for me tounwind at the end of the day.What is Nina Dobrev,what is my favorite color?It kind of changes.Red has always been myfavorite color in general,over the years it's beenpretty consistently red,but then you know somethingabout like a lilac,not really lilac, it'slike a bluey purple,muted purple color.I'm really into that for some reason.I said that last time?Oh, my God.

I said that last time.So I guess red is reallymy favorite color.What is Nina Dobrevfavorite song?I've really been into oldies lately.I go on Spotify and kindof select old playlists,like whatever they suggest.But also there's this song called "Petals"that's out right now that I'm really into.What was Nina Dobrevfor Halloween?One year I was Harry, Ron, and Hermioneunderneath the invisibility cloak.I made that one myself.I ordered this like invisibility cloakand got a clothing hanger,printed out a photo of Ron and Harry,and glued it to the clothing hanger.So, they were like right next to me.And then I had a wig and did my makeupto look like Hermioneand I had like a little schoolgirl Harry Potter outfit on,that was fun.One year I was "A Star is Born,"the movie, but differently.I built like a crib and I was a babyand I had a star on my head, I think.So, I was a star that was born.

Get it?When I post it, people usually are like,"Oh, that's really, we get it.

Adorable."But when you're out at the party,people just look at me andthey're like, "What's happening?"I had a pacifier in my mouthand I think I had a bottle.But instead of putting milk in the bottle,I filled it with tequilaor maybe it was white wine.I can't remember.One year I was Billie Eilish.Her green hair was reallypopular, and the nails,I had these like crazy long nails.For once, people knew whatI was pretty immediately,but the nails, my God,I don't know how she does it day to day.I mean, she must havelike three assistants.I put a lot of thought and energy and timeinto making my costumes.So, please keep Googling this.Where to buy Nina Dobrev's wine?I'm happy you asked.You can buy my wine, Fresh Vine Wine.My favorite wine is thechardonnay, the cab,the pinot and the rose.They're delicious.Who did Nina Dobrevgo to prom with?Wouldn't you guys like to know?I went to prom with myhigh school sweetheart.We, yeah, we, why amI getting so flusteredall of a sudden talking about [laughs]?His name is Eric.He was a little cutie andwe went to prom together.And we had a fun time.It was a long time ago.Gosh, I feel so old.Prom was a while ago.Is Nina Dobrevright or left-handed?Oh.

Ah, oh.Wouldn't you like to know?I'm right-handed.Is there like a term,not for ambidextrous,but foot-bidexterous?Is that a thing?'Cause I can write with my feet,bet you no one's Googled that,but they're about to a lot.Are Nina Dobrev and PaulWesley still friends?Yes, my friends.I would like to reportthe dubs and I are homeys.I love his wife.My dog and his dog play like best friendsthat have known each other forever.And I actually see hima lot, love that guy.Does Nina Dobrev ship Stelena or Delena?You guys, you keep asking these questionsand you know I'm not going to answer thembecause I don't want to alienate halfof my amazing, loving fans.Next question.Which Nina Dobrev character are you?I don't know if I am all of one character.I think there are bits and pieces of mein many of the roles that I've played.I feel like I've learneda lot about myselfthrough all the moviesand TV shows and rolesthat I've had the pleasure of playing.And then I've also learnedwhat not to do and bebecause of all the characters and TV showsthat I've been in.I've also played somepretty horrible peoplethat I don't want to be like.You know?

You know what I'm saying.The true fans, who'veseen all my things, they,you know what I'm talking about.All right.

Is that the last one?Oh my God.

That was the last one.We're done.Thank you guys so much for tuning in.I hope that you enjoyed thisand I sincerely hope that youkeep Googling weird thingsabout me, so that we can do this again.I want to come back for a third time.See you guys on the next one.[board clatters]Damn it.It didn't hit the thing this time.This is going to be awkward.Gosh.

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