The new Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 in Patagonia red Charging demo
The new Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 in Patagonia red Charging demo

Whether it's for a large nuclear family or a small extended family: as a seven-seater, the new EQB offers space for many family configurations and a wide variety of transport needs.

This gives it an exceptional position among compact electric cars.

The two seats in the third row can be used by people up to 1.65 metres tall, and child seats can also be fitted there.

The new EQB will launch in Europe and China at the end of the year, followed by the US market launch in 2022.

After the EQA, it is already the second all-electric compact car from Mercedes-EQ.

The powerful and efficient electric drive, clever recuperation and predictive Navigation with Electric Intelligence are just some of the features that link it to the EQA.

The electric initiative from Mercedes-Benz Cars is accelerating as fast as the Mercedes-EQ models themselves: with the EQA, EQB, the electric business saloon EQE and the luxury saloon EQS, a total of four new models from Mercedes-EQ are being introduced in 2021, plus the Concept EQT as a harbinger of a new high level of quality in the small van segment.

The Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid family, currently consisting of more than 20 model variants, is being renewed with electrified derivatives of the C-Class and the S-Class.

For 2021, Mercedes-Benz Cars expects to increase the xEV share, i.e.

Of plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles, to around 13 percent.

In addition, mild hybrids with a starter-generator and 48-volt system are conquering the product range, especially of the Group's luxury vehicles.