'Havana Syndrome' Unlikely Caused by Foreign Attack, CIA Says
'Havana Syndrome' Unlikely Caused by Foreign Attack, CIA Says

'Havana Syndrome' Unlikely Caused by Foreign Attack, CIA Says.

The findings assessed by a CIA task force were recently delivered to President Joe Biden.

The interim report states that "a sustained worldwide campaign" carried out by a foreign nation against U.S. officials is not probable.

Russia has long been thought to be the culprit behind strange health issues that have beset U.S. diplomats and officials for several years.

Instead, the so-called "Havana Syndrome" is being chalked up to "medical conditions or environmental and technical factors, including previously undiagnosed illnesses,".

"... and many more reports made out of an abundance of caution.".

The government said "anomalous health incidents" gained widespread reporting after U.S. officials in Havana, Cuba, came down with the mysterious symptoms. In some cases, the symptoms have been so significant that they've forced those affected to retire from their positions.

An unnamed CIA official states that the agency's report does not contradict that the incidents occurred, .

... but finds no evidence that a single nation is behind the syndrome.

This finding does not call into question the fact that our officers are reporting real experiences and are suffering real symptoms, nor does it explain every report, Unnamed CIA Official, via CNN.

This has been one of the conundrums, and really what has made this harder than probably any other we've looked at analytically in the agency's history, Unnamed CIA Official, via CNN.

We're cutting the data in a dozen different directions and we're just not seeing those patterns at this stage that are allowing us to make broader conclusions about attribution, Unnamed CIA Official, via CNN.

Of the nearly 1,000 reported cases of Havana Syndrome that have been reported worldwide, .

... the CIA states that it continues to investigate roughly a dozen of the incidents