Real Talk With Ronnie - Special Guest: Mark Meuser (6/12/2022)
Real Talk With Ronnie - Special Guest: Mark Meuser (6/12/2022)

Happy Sunday, everybody and welcome back to the fastest growing political talk show in New Jersey!

We have a DYNAMITE show tonight!

My guest tonight has appeared on my show back in January of this year— but now, he comes back onto my show as the official Republican Nominee for United States Senate in the great state of California, Mr. Mark Meuser.

Did you know that this is the first time in 10 years that the Republicans actually have an official nominee for US Senate on the ballot in California?

This is a really big deal since this is a really big race.

Mark Meuser will be going up against Democratic appointed Senator Alex Padilla this November.

Alex Padilla was appointed to his US Senate seat by Governor Gavin Newsom when our wonderful and illustrious Vice President Kamala Harris left her Senate Seat to assume the second highest seat in the land.

Alright, it is my great honor to bring back onto Real Talk With Ronnie, the next US Senator from California, Mark Meuser.