Twitter Files Gov't & Other Agencies, AZ Judge Dismisses Lake Lawsuit, FBI Admits Meddling
Twitter Files Gov't & Other Agencies, AZ Judge Dismisses Lake Lawsuit, FBI Admits Meddling

In the most recent Twitter Files Government and Other Agencies Matt Taibbi shows that twitter was meddling in multiple other websites as well as Twitter, such as Reddit, Pinterest and other sites.

Taibbi also appears to show that the FBI was searching through twitter content for violations of its rules and sending many accounts to Twitter to either be censored or given a warning of some kind.

Who gave the FBI the permission or ok to search through Twitter users for violations of its policies?

FBI admits it meddles in numerous companies such as Pinterest and Reddit amongst others.

Arizona judges dismiss both Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh's lawsuits.

Kari lake vows to appeal her case.

Is Putin ready to negotiate an end to the Ukraine War?

Is the United States stopping it?

3 busloads of migrants dropped in 15 degree weather outside Vice President Kamala Harris' home.

Department of Homeland Security issues Christmas warning to illegal immigrants not to try to cross the border due to arctic temperatures, not because it was in fact illegal to cross.

Las Vegas Bail Project closes its doors, after being sued for releasing man who then went on to shoot Asian waiter six times.

The program was backed and supported financially by celebrities such as Richard Branson, John Legend and Danny Glover.

Some people are calling for a special counsel to fully investigate social media and FBI collusion.

Texas Judge blocks army from discharging ten soldiers as bill blocking vaccine mandates sits on Biden's desk.

Los Angeles county extends Covid era eviction moratorium again.

String of errors in federal statistics favoring Democrats raises concerns of manipulation.

Tesla owner documents being stranded in 19 degree temperatures and his Model S will not charge.

Do Tesla cars charge slower, or not at all in extreme heat and cold?

San Francisco's businesses demand tax refund over drugs and crime riddled neighborhoods.

Backlash as Whoopi Goldberg doubles down on her previous comments that the Holocaust "was not based on race".

Revelations about Twitter and big tech raise further questions.

Migrants bussed to Kamala Harris' home were supposed to go to New York City.

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