Leo Frank Case Watson's Magazine, September 1915, Part 6 of 13
Leo Frank Case Watson's Magazine, September 1915, Part 6 of 13

In part 6 of the 13 part series, Trial Lawyer Tom Watson shows how Leo Frank was cross-examined and he got caught in his own set of lies due to contradictory evidence from various eye witnesses.

Monteen Stover's testimony exposed Leo Frank as being a liar.

Detective Harry Scott interrogates Leo Frank who states that he was in his office when Monteen Stover went there to pick up her pay.

Tom Watson is indignant that Governor John M.

Slaton, a business partner of Leo Frank, could try and avert the court of justice by prostituting his office by the "stroke of a pen".

The rich Jews couldn't buy poor Americans or even the courts (including judges, lawyers, and jury) but they could certainly buy crooked politicians in order to pardon a fellow Jewish sex criminal.

The Jewish-owned mass media made it look like a short, weak man at 5'6" in height and 130 pounds that couldn't possibly overpower Mary Phagan whereas in reality he was 5'8" and 155 pounds at least.

This misrepresentation of Leo Frank's physical measurements was done in order to deflect the suspicion of the crime unto the African-American sweeper in the factory by the name of Jim Conley.

No one would expect a well-educated and physically agile athlete individual like Leo Frank would try and seduce a girl repeatedly for over a year.

She resisted him all the time and he finally couldn't overcome his infatuation so he decided to knock her unconscious with the iron handle of a bench lathe, rape her while she was unconscious, and then kill her by hanging because he didn't want to get castrated and killed as a rapist.

Mel Stanford testified that he saw blood and hair samples near the dressing room.

Stanford swept the floor on Friday without seeing any blood or hair sample.

He noticed this on Monday when he returned to sweep again.

Mrs George W Jefferson who worked at the pencil factory testified that she saw blood stains near the girl's dressing room.

EF Holloway, the day watchman at the factory who was sympathetic to Leo Frank, stated Leo returned back before Corinthia Hall and Emma Clark would enter the factory to pick up their pay.


Barrett is the factory worker who was the individual that discovered the blood and hair in the workshop.

Leo Frank bribed the Forman N.V.

Darley, another sexual pervert harassing under-age girls like Opie Dickerson, to be an alibi against him in planting evidence implicating Newt Lee in the murder.

However N.V.

Darley gave the game away by saying Leo Frank was acting nervous when he went to see Leo Frank the following Monday morning.

He also mentioned R.P.

Barrett as having found the pay envelopes, white powder to clean evidence, and blood stains.

Leo Frank's body language gave him away as being involved in the murder when he was interrogated by the police.