Pfizer Docs Show Not Human "Modified" RNA Used, Silicon Valley & The 55,000 Acres, Media Censorship
Pfizer Docs Show Not Human "Modified" RNA Used, Silicon Valley & The 55,000 Acres, Media Censorship

Pfizer documents show that the Covid-19 Vaccines contain potentially harmful "modified" RNA that does not occur naturally in the human body.

Does adding this other modified RNA effect human beings immune response to disease?

Why wasn't the public told the RNA added to this vaccine is not human RNA?

NIH study suggests that N95 Covid masks may subject the wearer to toxic compounds linked to cancer and seizures.

Paper straws now found to have toxic forever chemicals in them.

Why can't these companies create a product that is not poisonous to human beings in some way?

55,000 acre land buys around California Air Force base now explained, its Silicon Valley people wanting to build a mega city.

The mysterious purchases were made by a group called the Flannery Group.

Viktor Shokin alleges Hunter Biden was recruited by Burisma to provide protection.

EU's draconian social media censorship continues to take hold.

New York is spending 20 million dollars a month to house illegal aliens on New York's Randall's Island in tents.

Why does it cost so much per month to house people in tents?

Video shows boat landing in Jupiter Beach Florida with 17 illegal aliens, boat was not a makeshift raft.

New York City anti migrant rally turns violent.

The U.S. has operated a drone base in Niger since 2014, its ten year agreement ends in 2024.

Greek officials arrest 79 for arson.

Media is blacking out the amount of judges Joe Biden is allegedly putting into power, the most since JFK.

Why is no one reporting about this fact?

Tokyo Electric company says no tritium detected in ocean water after Fukushima water discharge.

Illegal alien smugglers boast online how easy it is to get into the United States, mostly military age men are seen going through hole in border wall.

Hochul begs Biden to help remove illegal aliens from New York White House blames congress for not acting.

U.S. to start training Ukrainian F-16 pilots in October.

Silence over the drowning death of Obama's chef, no autopsy was produced.

Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy will go on trial for receiving 42 million pounds from Colonel Gaddafi to fund his reelection campaign.

Biden denies special counsel Hur has tried to speak with him.

What is going on in Biden's classified documents case?

Why is it going so much slower than Trump's?

Prighozin's death in plane crash confirmed with genetic analysis.

Hunter Biden moves into new 15,000 dollar a month Malibu home in gated community.

Garyville Louisiana exclusion zone now closed, people can return to their homes.

China aims to catalog the genes of 1.4 billion people every five years.