ABIGAIL Movie - Ava Cantrell
ABIGAIL Movie - Ava Cantrell

ABIGAIL Movie Trailer HD - Plot Synopsis: In 1976, troubled teen, Abigail and her mother move to a small Alabama town in hopes of escaping the girl's violent past.

She befriends the boy next-door, Lucas, who is mercilessly bullied by a group of kids at school.

Determined to help him seek revenge, Abigail takes matters into her own hands, but quickly spirals out of control.

As Lucas begins to uncover the dark and twisted nature of his new friend, things take a deadly turn.

Now, he must choose between standing by her side or stopping her before it's too late.

Starring Ava Cantrell, Tren Reed-Brown, Hermione Lynch, Gene Farber & Karimah Westbrook Produced by Dark Gravity Studios --- Distributed by Dark Star Pictures