Social security

Action programs of government intended to promote the welfare of the population through assistance measures

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Social security: Action programs of government intended to promote the welfare of the population through assistance measures
Social Security is "any government system that provides monetary assistance to people with an inadequate or no income". In the United States, this is usually called welfare or a social safety net, especially when talking about Canada and European countries.


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'Simply a lie,' Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused rival Bernie Sanders's campaign on Saturday of disseminating a "doctored" video edited to falsely appear to show the former vice president supporting..
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Former Mrs. Florida headed to prison for stealing elderly mom's Social Security checks

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Appeals Court Nominee Shaped DeVos’s Illegal Loan Forgiveness Effort

Steven J. Menashi, who could be confirmed Thursday, helped devise an Education Department plan to use Social Security data to deny students debt relief, an effort that a judge ruled violated privacy.. - Published

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Woman hid dead mom's body in a tub to collect her Social Security money, police say

Paula Ann Bergold, 60, placed the body of her 89-year-old mother Ruby in a plastic tub and hid it in the basement of her home in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. - Published

Does working past 70 affect my Social Security benefits?

If I work past 70, even though my employer keeps deducting for Social Security, will earnings during year age 71 be used to recalculate my benefits? - Published

A Debate Recap, and a Debate Preview: This Week in the 2020 Race

Also this week, Kamala Harris releases a long-awaited plan, Elizabeth Warren wants to expand Social Security, and President Trump has a new Republican challenger. - Published

White House hopeful Warren would expand Social Security retirement benefits

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Thursday that if elected to the White House, she would expand Social Security, the retirement program administered by the federal government, by increasing..
Reuters - Published

Elizabeth Warren’s Social Security Plan: Raise Benefits by $200 a Month

In her latest proposal to redistribute wealth in the United States, Ms. Warren calls for raising taxes on the rich to expand Social Security benefits. - Published

Twitter moves to foil hackers after Chloe Grace Moretz's feed hijacked

A tweet from the Hollywood actress's account claimed to reveal Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Social Security number
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5 Indicted in Identity Theft Scheme That Bilked Millions From Veterans

The defendants obtained Social Security numbers and bank account information from a technician who worked for the military, the Justice Department said. - Published

Consider survivor benefits, life expectancy when collecting Social Security checks

Not everyone's an expert on Social Security. But planning ahead and understanding survivor benefits can avoid budget disaster after a spouse's death. - Published

Democrats or Republicans: Which party has the best plan to fix Social Security?

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Capital One data breach: 1 arrested, tens of millions of customers affected

capital one data breach: 1 arrested, tens of millions of customers affected
A hacker gained access to personal information from more than 100 million Capital One credit applications, the bank said Monday as federal authorities arrested a suspect in the case. Paige A. Thompson,..
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Equifax to pay up to $700M in ‘17 data breach settlement

equifax to pay up to $700m in ‘17 data breach settlement
WASHINGTON — Equifax will pay up to $700 million to settle with the U.S. and states over a 2017 data breach that exposed Social Security numbers and other private information of nearly 150 million..
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Amy Klobuchar unveils plan to address medical needs of aging Americans

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar is unveiling a comprehensive proposal to help older Americans and their families. Her plan would tackle chronic conditions like Alzheimer's,..
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Do the math. Here's why you shouldn't claim Social Security at 62

How will you decide when to claim Social Security? Many would-be beneficiaries use an analysis which tells them the age when it makes the most sense. - Published

Medicare and Social Security on insolvency paths, report warns

The bedrock retirement programs for middle- and working-class Americans are in shaky financial shape, report shows
CBS News - Published

Almost all Americans take Social Security at wrong time, losing out on $111,000 study says

Only 4% of retirees claim the benefit at the optimal time. Everyone else is losing out on $111,000 per household
CBS News - Published

Doing this one thing with your Social Security could mean losing $100,000 in retirement

Americans will lose $111,000 per household by taking Social Security benefits too early into their retirement, rather than using their own savings. - Published

3 things that'll cause your Social Security benefits to go down

The average Social Security beneficiary today receives $17,532 a year Here are three things that will cause a reduction to your benefits. - Published