Tony Blair

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007

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Tony Blair: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. After his resignation, he was appointed Special Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East, an office which he held until 2015. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.


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Former UK leaders unite to slam Boris Johnson on Brexit plan

former uk leaders unite to slam boris johnson on brexit plan
LONDON (AP) — Two former British prime ministers who played crucial roles in bringing peace to Northern Ireland joined forces Sunday to urge lawmakers to reject government plans to override the..
WorldNews - Published

Brexit: Tony Blair and John Major urge MPs to reject bill

Boris Johnson's contentious proposals will be debated for the first time in the Commons on Monday.
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Russia report: Tony Blair calls on government to investigate Moscow's alleged interference in Brexit

russia report: tony blair calls on government to investigate moscow's alleged interference in brexit
Tony Blair has called on the government to investigate alleged Russian interference into the Brexit referendum after the publication of long-delayed report into the Kremlin’s involvement in domestic..
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Brexit: Delay completion by 12 months to avoid 'disastrous no deal', Tony Blair report tells Johnson

'Too late' to strike a full agreement before December cliff-edge, study commissioned by ex-prime minister concludes - and Europe is staring down barrel of 'a deep recession'
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Education secretary abandons Tony Blair's policy to send 50% of young people to university

'It exasperates me that there is still an inbuilt snobbishness about higher being somehow better than further,' Gavin Williamson says
Independent - Published

Blair warns against new Cold War with China

blair warns against new cold war with china
The West will sometimes clash with China now that it is a major power, but it is "misleading and dangerous" to think of it as a new Cold War, Tony Blair said. A major survey of public opinion..
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Labour's Keir Starmer most popular opposition leader since Tony Blair, poll finds

But Boris Johnson still leads in most capable prime minister as Tories top polls
Independent - Published

Coronavirus: Tony Blair tells government mass testing regime must be introduced to keep virus at bay

Lockdown being eased while virus levels remain 'stubbornly high', former PM warns
Independent - Published

UK's Blair: Patchy data means Africa could use antibody tests to track COVID-19

African nations should use antibody tests to find out whether the slower spread and lower mortality rate of the new coronavirus on the continent is due to patchy data or a more resilient population,..
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Coronavirus: Tony Blair calls for appointment of minister to oversee mass testing

Former prime minister wants cabinet member in charge of 'literally nothing else' – and sympathises with Boris Johnson's 'hellish situation'
Independent - Published

Tony Blair on how Labour can learn from his time in power and win again

The former prime minister spoke to students at King's College London about coming to terms with a 'mistake' in Iraq and how to put New Labour's winning coalition back together again
Independent - Published

Boris Johnson recruits Tony Blair's former homelessness czar to lead rough sleeping review

Government to spend additional £236 million to get people off the streets
Independent - Published

Tony Blair says he would refuse to sign trans rights pledge

Former Labour prime minister warns leadership candidates not to launch 'culture war' with right over identity issues
Independent - Published

Robots pose biggest Risk to the poorest countries

robots pose biggest risk to the poorest countries
In the years following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many Western policymakers assumed that globalization was irreversible and would lead to rising incomes for all. In 2005, then-U.K. Prime..
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Labour anger as Clive Lewis claims Tony Blair is partly to blame for election defeat and left his own constituency 'in a state'

Backlash after leadership contender attacks 'state of Sedgefield' after Blair decade and insists of poll debacle: 'This has been 40 years in the making'
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Tony Blair ‘sought EU funding while lobbying for second referendum’

tony blair ‘sought eu funding while lobbying for second referendum’
Former prime minister Tony Blair was seeking funding from the EU while lobbying for a second referendum, it has been reported. The ex-Labour leader pushed this year for a second referendum and has been..
WorldNews - Published

Former Labour MP and Corbyn ally blames Tony Blair for election defeat

Laura Pidcock claims former prime minister's legacy 'hangs around this party like a millstone' after losing seat held by Labour since 1950
Independent - Published

Labour Will Be ‘Finished’ If Its Next Leader Continues Corbyn’s Politics, Tony Blair Warns

labour will be ‘finished’ if its next leader continues corbyn’s politics, tony blair warns
Labour will be “finished” and replaced by a new political party if it chooses a new leader who sticks with Jeremy Corbyn’s politics, Tony Blair has warned. In a withering post-mortem of the..
WorldNews - Published

Ex-PM Blair tells Britain's Labour: change or you will disappear

Former British prime minister Tony Blair, Labour's most successful leader, on Wednesday urged the party to rebuild from electoral humiliation by rejecting the "protest movement with cult trimmings"..
Reuters - Published

Blair tells UK Labour: Overturn Corbyn's 'quasi-revolutionary socialism'

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Wednesday urged moderates in the opposition Labour Party to grab back control from outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn whom he said personified a brand of..
Reuters - Published

General election post mortem delivers scathing judgment on Jeremy Corbyn's leadership

Former prime minister Tony Blair warns party risks being 'replaced' as serious competitor for power
Independent - Published

General election 2019: Tony Blair warns Labour not to 'whitewash' reasons for poll defeat

The ex-prime minister says Labour will be "replaced" as a political force unless it changes course.
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson evokes spirit of Tony Blair as he vows Tories will be 'servants' of people on victory tour

'Remember, we are not the masters. We are the servants now,' says PM
Independent - Published

Labour won more votes in the general election than in Tony Blair's 2005 victory

But vote share for Corbyn's party is well below past heights, handing party its worst result since 1935
Independent - Published

Britain is a dangerous mess, former PM Blair says

Former prime minister Tony Blair said on Monday that Britain was in a dangerous mess and that neither his own Labour Party nor Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives deserved to win a Dec. 12..
Reuters - Published

Former PM Blair says Britain is a mess

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday that Britain was in a mess, warning that neither his own Labour Party nor the Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, deserved to win a..
Reuters - Published

Former UK PM Blair: Don't hold your breath for UK-U.S. trade deal

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday that a UK-U.S. trade deal would be very difficult to agree, saying protectionist sentiment worldwide was making trade agreements harder to..
Reuters - Published

Former PM Blair on Labour's Corbyn: Revolutions always end badly

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday that "revolutions" like the one promised in current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's election manifesto always end badly.
Reuters - Published

Both UK parties are peddling fantasies, says former PM Blair

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are peddling fantasies before a Dec. 12 election, former British leader Tony Blair will say on Monday, offering his support to "mainstream"..
Reuters - Published

Labour election candidate apologises for raising Hitler death celebrations in Tony Blair comments row

Jane Aitchison paused in a live radio interview for an awkward 12.5 seconds – thought to be an on-air record
Independent - Published

Tony Blair's approach to EU helped cause Brexit, says Jean-Claude Juncker

Outgoing European Commission president says the former PM was among those who 'wanted nothing to do with the EU' on political integration
Independent - Published

Lord Mandelson attacks Labour's left-wing economic plans but admits voters could be won over

Tony Blair's former close ally ridicules 'lots of free offers' but acknowledges they could deliver No 10 – if Jeremy Corbyn is ditched
Independent - Published

Tony Blair calls for new law to block no-deal Brexit after Tory minister admits it will 'always' be option

Kwasi Kwarteng's comments branded 'a revelation' that make it essential MPs block a pre-Christmas election
Independent - Published

Brexit has injected tension back into British-Irish relations, says Blair

brexit has injected tension back into british-irish relations, says blair
Brexit has injected tension back into the relationship between Britain and Ireland, Tony Blair has said. The former British prime minister, who was one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement,..
WorldNews - Published

Tony Blair praises Jeremy Corbyn for 'very sensible and skilful' actions to block no-deal Brexit

Former prime minister has previously criticised the Labour leader for his Brexit approach
Independent - Published

Tony Blair warns UK Labour: Don't fall into election "elephant trap"

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is laying an election "elephant trap" for the opposition Labour Party that it should avoid, former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair warned on Monday.
Reuters - Published

Tony Blair urges Jeremy Corbyn to avoid general election until after Brexit is sorted

Former prime minister says government has been taken over by a 'gang of adventurers' acting in a 'shocking, irresponsible and dangerous' way
Independent - Published

Tony Blair REFUSES to say he will vote Labour at the next general election amid Corbyn's meltdown over Brexit and anti-Semitism

tony blair refuses to say he will vote labour at the next general election amid corbyn's meltdown over brexit and anti-semitism
Tony Blair refused to say three times whether he would vote for Labour at the next general election as the party continues to struggle with Brexit and allegations of anti-Semitism. The former prime..
WorldNews - Published

Brexit news - live: Tony Blair tells Boris Johnson not to call an election, with voting for new Tory PM to close in hours

Follow for live updates from Westminster
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British Labour politician Prescott taken to hospital after a stroke

John Prescott, a former British deputy prime minister in Tony Blair's Labour government, has been taken to hospital after suffering a stroke, his family said on Monday.
Reuters - Published

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