Iowa caucuses

United States electoral event

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Iowa caucuses: United States electoral event
The Iowa caucuses are biennial electoral events for members of the Democratic and Republican parties in the U.S. state of Iowa. Unlike primary elections in most other U.S. states, where registered voters go to polling places to cast ballots, Iowans instead gather at local caucus meetings to discuss and vote on the candidates. During both the presidential and midterm election seasons, registered Iowan voters vote in a per-precinct caucus for the party of which they are registered as a member. The caucuses are also held to select delegates to county conventions and party committees, among other party activities.


Did The Iowa Caucus Just Show How Extremist And Elitist Our Two-Party System Is?

did the iowa caucus just show how extremist and elitist our two-party system is?
Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling The Iowa Caucus just reminded us that our American democracy is not as exceptional as we would like to think. This is due to a two-party system that is..
WorldNews - Published

How the Iowa Caucuses Became an Epic Fiasco for Democrats

The problems that beset the Democratic Party’s first state caucus of the presidential race ran far deeper and wider than one bad app. - Published

How Pete Buttigieg Became the Surprise of the Iowa Caucuses

Joe Biden’s organization remained weak. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren focused on cities and college towns. Mr. Buttigieg, however, went everywhere. - Published

Your Thursday Briefing

Donald Trump, Iowa Caucus, Kirk Douglas: Here's what you need to know. - Published

Snail Mail and Nuisance Calls: New Details on the Iowa Caucus Problems

On a private conference call, Iowa Democratic leaders revealed more about how the reporting process on Monday night went calamitously awry. - Published

What Went Wrong for Joe Biden in Iowa Caucuses

His placement behind his leading rivals in the caucuses on Monday dealt a damaging blow to his campaign. Some party officials say it was a long time in the works. - Published

Picturing Chaos at the Iowa Caucuses

How a political ritual turned into a political nightmare. - Published

Bloomberg Plans to Double Ad Spending After Iowa Caucus Problem

The former New York City mayor, whose campaign is fueled by a multibillion-dollar fortune, will also expand his campaign’s field staff to more than two thousand people. - Published

Iowa Caucus: Americans don't like political talk at work but do it anyway, threatening relationships

Most Americans find political talk at work unacceptable but most do it anyway: Survey. The banter can hurt working relationships, careers - Published

Delays Mar Iowa Caucuses as Democrats Start Nominating Process

A “quality control” issue with a new system of reporting results led to confusion and few solid numbers as Iowans turned out to select the candidate they believed could defeat President Trump. - Published

Iowa Caucus: ‘We voted for Obama, then Trump’

In 2016, Howard County in Iowa was the single largest pivot county in the country, voting for President Donald Trump after supporting Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.
BBC News - Published

Fact-Checking Bernie Sanders Before the Iowa Caucuses

The Vermont senator has made exaggerated claims or statements that lacked context about “Medicare for all,” his antiwar record and his history of bipartisanship. - Published

What makes the Iowa caucus so special?

The Iowa Caucus is sure to be competitive this year. But what makes them different from primaries? And what makes it so unique? - Published

Bernie Sanders Leads in Iowa Poll Weeks Before Iowa Caucuses

bernie sanders leads in iowa poll weeks before iowa caucuses
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is the current favorite for the Iowa caucuses as he has taken the lead in a recent poll for the state weeks before Caucus Day. According to a new Des Moines..
WorldNews - Published

'You don't want to be hot in November': When have recent caucus winners surged in Iowa?

As Pete Buttigieg leaps atop the new Iowa Poll and a quartet appears to pull away, do low-polling candidates have a chance? Iowa caucus history says yes. - Published