Mastering the Art of Marine Recycling: How Frutos María Martínez Turns Sea Wrecks into Works of Art



*ALICANTE, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2021 / *Frutos María Martínez is a Spanish artist concerned with the environmental impact of waste discarded in the oceans. He had the initiative of collecting waste such as timber, iron, steel and rope from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and turning it into pieces of art. By salvaging these materials and turning them into unique paintings and sculptures, he addresses environmental issues and criticizes the society that creates and abandons them.

On a cool gray morning, Frutos María Martínez can be found combing the beach and waters along Spain's Mediterranean coast in search of materials such as wood, steel, iron, rope and burlap. Although to the average person, these elements are considered waste, Frutos is able to *transform them into works of art*, bringing new life to discarded objects and reawakening the beauty of the long forgotten.

"Nowadays, good materials are discarded and inferior materials such as pressed cardboard, conglomerates and others are used", explains the sculptor.

Once collected, Frutos returns to his studio where he transforms the objects into beautiful and unique *sculptures, paintings and collages*. While other artists may send their work to be fabricated externally, Martínez could not imagine his pieces being created in a place other than his studio. Here, he uses his innate skills with metal and machinery to forge, construct, bend, mold and renew the materials into pieces of art.

The structure of the materials pulled from the waters and sands of the coast has been *altered by the erosion* of the salt, water and sea life. This is depicted in his pieces by elements such as rusty iron and eroded wood that he conjoins with resins, sands and paint in bold and striking colors. Once completed, new forms and shapes emerge from the old. His sculptures follow hard lines, both straight and curved, and *his paintings exude color*.

With a true passion for his work, he creates through intuition. He explains that there is a moment when his *art becomes completely emotional and personal:*

"Each piece is imbued with my experiences and emotion, all lumped together, all conveyed by means of materials, technique, design and imagination."

Frutos María Martínez has been rescuing waste from the ocean for decades. Finishing his first painting and sculpture pieces at just fourteen, Frutos has spent his entire life guided by his *passion for art and the environment*. Some of his most notorious pieces such as the JANO collection, the series of Hatching of the Form and Steel and Sea Wrecks have been exhibited in Museums and Universities across Spain.

Frutos María's ability to not only find new meaning in recycled and salvaged objects, but to *clean up the oceans* and make the environment less polluted, translate through his moving pieces of artwork, and because of this, he has made a name for himself in the art world.


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