Hannover House Targets Two Major Awards for First Feature Production of WILDFIRE

Hannover House Targets Two Major Awards for First Feature Production of WILDFIRE



*FAYETTEVILLE, AR / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2023 / *Hannover House, Inc., (OTC:HHSE) is pursuing two high-profile awards for its debut feature production of "WILDFIRE: THE LEGEND OF THE CHEROKEE GHOST HORSE" - an original, family appeal feature starring Anne Heche in her final feature release. For the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Hannover House is promoting consideration of the film in the "John Cassavetes" category for best feature produced for $500,000 or less. For the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Oscar Awards, Hannover House is promoting its Cherokee-language love song, "Adaygayudi" in the category of Best Original song. Promotional and advertising activities in support of both awards will be launched in October.

"We have shown the ‘WILDFIRE' feature to a select group of influential, film industry insiders," said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Hannover House. "The feedback has been encouraging as the production values of the film greatly exceed the film's actual costs. We have been encouraged to pursue these two, specific awards because they are realistically obtainable and merited," he concluded.

Director Eric Parkinson with stars Chevel Shepherd and Michael Martin Murphey on the set of the WILDFIRE feature production.

The John Cassavetes Award from the Film Independent group was designed to recognize outstanding quality and entertainment value from movies produced for $500,000 or less of total production costs. Unlike big-budgeted features, films in this category require tremendous skill and resourcefulness from the filmmakers to overcome challenges and to solve production problems for which spending more money is not an option. Previous winners in this category include "The Station Agent" from director Tom McCarthy, and "The Blair Witch Project" from directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez.

The Academy Award for Best Original Song is a highly-competitive category, often dominated by major studio features with top-selling music stars. However, the Cherokee-language song, "Adaygayudi" written for the WILDFIRE movie has an unique style and melody that differentiates it from other likely competitors in this category. Accordingly, and with promotional outreach to the Academy voters as well the release of a music video and supporting radio campaign, Hannover House feels that there is an achievable possibility for an Academy Award nomination.

Mo Brings Plenty ("Yellowstone") portrays a Cherokee spiritual advisor who also helps young Samantha find her path in life. Pictured here with Whitney Warrior Deerinwater from a scene in WILDFIRE.

"WILDFIRE: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse" was filmed in eastern Oklahoma with private investor financing and support from Hannover House, Inc. The production did not pursue state of Oklahoma or other regional film incentives, opting instead to remain fully independent of outside influences. Principal stars are Chevel Shepherd (winner of NBC's "The Voice") competition, Adrian Paul ("Highlander" TV Series), Mo Brings Plenty ("Yellowstone"), legendary musician and songwriter Michael Martin Murphey and film veteran Anne Heche in her final feature film release. The movie was produced by Eric Parkinson, Christian Large and Kyle Martens, and written by Eric Parkinson and Mike Snyder. Parkinson also directed the film. Financing for the film was through private investors and the support of Hannover House, with special thanks to Executive Producers Morten Stisen, Dan Scholefield, Keith Blasingame, Dr. Yoojin Lee-Williams and Jon Cheng.

Anne Heche portrays a champion horse trainer who helps train Samantha Nichols, a teenaged girl to be in competitive rodeo. Pictured here with co-stars Major Dodge and Cassie Haley.

The original song, "Adaygayudi" was written by Eric Parkinson, along with noted Cherokee flutist Gaby Nagel. The song is used in the "WILDFIRE" movie during a key transitional scene, and sets the mood for the first appearance of the legendary Cherokee Ghost Horse. "Adaygayudi" is the Cherokee word for "love." The song also features Gaby Nagel with narrative lyrics also in the Cherokee language.

Cherokee flutist Gaby Nagel co-wrote "Adaygayudi" and plays the flute and performs the vocals for the song.

"WILDFIRE" will be released to theatres throughout the USA in October and November, with an expected V.O.D. premiere to occur during the December holidays, when viewing of family-appeal movies is at it's peak. More details on the theatrical and V.O.D. release of "WILDFIRE" will be released by Hannover House in the coming weeks.

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