HenleyCaribbean Announces Inaugural Guyana Diaspora Sustainability & Investment Conference

HenleyCaribbean Announces Inaugural Guyana Diaspora Sustainability & Investment Conference



HenleyCaribbean announce the inaugural Guyana Diaspora Conference that will take place on November 18th & 19th.

London, United Kingdom, Sept. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The inaugural Guyana Diaspora Conference is set to take place on November 18th & 19th in Kensington Conference & Events Centre, marking a significant step towards fostering stronger ties between the Guyanese government and economy, and the diaspora. Under the theme "Partnering for Diaspora Investment in Guyana," the conference aims to create a platform for dialogue, networking, and investment opportunities.

David F. Roberts, the Chairman of the conference, expressed his enthusiasm about the event. "The Guyana Diaspora Conference is a monumental occasion that seeks to bridge the cultural and geographical divides. It's an opportunity for Guyanese at home and abroad to come together, share ideas, and explore investment opportunities in our homeland," said Roberts.

The conference, supported by the Guyana Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a unique event uniting the global Guyanese diaspora, emphasizing equality and diversity while representing all six ethnic groups of Guyana. It is designed to form part of the Guyanese diaspora's contribution toward the development of Guyana for all its people.

With the advent of Oil & Gas exploration in 2015, Guyana's economy is on track to be the fastest growing on earth, with ‘explosive’ growth of 100% this year possible. Roberts believes this transition requires vision, discipline, and a commitment to transparency to ensure all Guyanese feel equally entitled to the new wealth emerging from their nation. The conference will discuss the implications of the Oil boom for non-oil sectors like Natural Resources, Energy, Tourism, Agriculture, and Health Care, opening up numerous possibilities for discussions and investments.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in one-to-one investment meetings with government officials and well-placed professionals proficient in providing investment-focused advice and guidance. The event also offers pre-arranged sessions with experts to ensure guests keen on advancing investment interest in Guyana are well-equipped.

The Guyana Diaspora Sustainability & Investment Conference provides a rare opportunity for a wide cross-section of professional, academic, artisan, and working-class Guyanese and friends to gather in a stately venue to discuss the future of their country in a meaningful way with government representatives. The networking among these diverse groups could yield invaluable connections for local and global business, according to HenleyCaribbean.

The conference is honored to host special guests Hon. Dr. Karen-Mae Hill, High Commissioner of Antigua & Barbuda, who will share her insights and experiences. Additionally, The Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP is expected to participate, further enriching the discourse at the event.

The conference agenda is structured to cover a broad spectrum of topics crucial for Guyana's development and the diaspora's involvement. The morning session on Day 1 will kick off with opening remarks by Alex Graham, CEO of TAGMAN MEDIA, followed by an introductory speech by David F. Roberts, the Chairman of the conference. Keynote addresses from Guyana's Foreign Secretary, Mr. Robert Persaud, and CEO of Guyana Office For Investment, Dr. Peter Ramsaroop, will set the stage for engaging discussions.

The afternoon session on Day 1 is themed around sustainability, with a special conversation segment featuring Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. Various experts will delve into topics like Climate Finance, Guyana's Path to Sustainable Energy, and the value of Distributed Ledger Technology to Guyana.

Day 1 will also feature a Rum Mixology Presentation by Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell, adding a cultural flavor to the serious discussions.

The agenda is designed to foster dialogue, learning, and networking among the attendees, providing a holistic view of the opportunities and challenges ahead for Guyana and its diaspora.

For more information about the Guyana Diaspora Conference and to view the detailed agenda, visit www.guyanadiasporaconference.com.

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