Google says it’s got 400 games in the pipeline for Stadia

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Image: Google

Google has around 400 games on the way for its Stadia game streaming service, according to Jack Buser, the service’s director of games. Buser gave the figure in an interview with MobileSyrup, where he said that the company has “a roadmap of about 400 games in development from 200 developers” for the service.

Buser stopped short of giving specific information on individual games but said that most would be arriving in 2021 and beyond. This list of Stadia games maintained by Android Police, however, includes around 50 unreleased games that have been announced for the service, alongside another 100 or so that are already available.

"“We have a very exciting many years ahead of us.”"

The director used the number of games on Stadia’s roadmap as...

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