Labour says it will back no-confidence motion in SNP
Labour says it will back no-confidence motion in SNP

Labour's Rachel Reeves has said voting to bring down the SNP government and forcing an election in Scotland is the right thing to do for the people of Scotland.

“We will back the motion of no-confidence in Humza Yousaf, but we've gone further and tabled a motion of no confidence in the whole Scottish government and if Anas Sarwar and Scottish Labour are successful with that amendment the government will fall and there will be fresh elections," the shadow chancellor said.

It comes as Humza Yousaf is facing confidence votes in himself and his government following his decision to sack the Greens from government.

"The chaos and division at the heart of the SNP Is having a real impact on public services and the lives and communities across Scotland and we now have two broken governments - The SNP in Scotland and the Conservatives in Westminster.

It is time for fresh elections in Scotland and across the UK," Ms Reeves added.

Report by Kennedyl.

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