Cal OES says 75% of properties are cleared after the Camp Fire

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Cal OES says 75% of properties are cleared after the Camp Fire

Cal OES says 75% of properties are cleared after the Camp Fire

Action News Now reporter Laura Eng spoke with a Paradise couple that just had their debris removed.

Camp fire debris clean-up... cal o-e-s says now more than 75-percent of participating properties are cleared.

Action news now reporter laura eng spoke with a paradise couple who just had their debris removed.

### phone: hi this is cheyenne, i'm calling from the calrecycle debris removal center.

Heidi: my phone went off and i was like, hun!

It's them, it's them!

It's the call the johnstons had been waiting month* for.

Phone: your property, it's scheduled to be cleared in the next 10 business days.

The johnstons lost their home of more than 20 years in the camp fire.

Kerry: the flames were all over our car, it was just devastating.

Sorry, i get shook up.

They moved to chico but never gave up on their dream of coming back to the ridge.

Nat pop of house being cleare* heidi: it's moving forward and we have those memories though.

We've got those memories in our mind that we won't ever lose.

Laura: all of this debris behind me over here, this is what's left of the johnstons' property and they said they hope to turn this into an art piece in their new home to remind them of what used to be.

To date, cal o-e-s removed more than 2 million tons of debris from more than 8000 properties.

Kerry: as long as it takes and lord willing that we're still alive, we're gonna rebuild!

The johnstons say paradise will come back bigger and stronger.

Heidi: because of us who have a passion for paradise.

They say it starts with people like them who are willing to take a chance in the new normal.

Heidi: paradise needs you, we're going to be bigger and better and stronger, like the bracelet says, paradise strong.

Laura: the johnstons said they hope they can start building their new home by the fall and that they can move in by the spring.

Reporting in paradise laura eng action news now.

Cal o-e-s said crews are expected to finish removing debris on participating lots by this september.

### while

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