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Monday, June 27, 2022


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It into our communities.

I don't want to see it in our malls or in our schools or in our churches or in our synagogues."

Good evening and thank you for joining us for newscenter 25 at ten.

I'm .

20 fatalities have now been reported near the cielo vista mall in el paso.

Police say one person is in custody following a shooting at a walmart in a shopping center.

Police responded to initial reports of multiple shooters.

However have now confirmed there was only one shooting suspect.

El paso police is urging community members to donate blood.

This is the largest scale shooting the city has seen.

"from this shooter, we have 20 confirmed fatalities and 26 wounded.

The ages and gender of all are numerous in the age groups, the situation, needless to say is a horrific one.

" democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke is a native of el paso... and represented the city in congress for six years.

He learned of today's mass shooting while at a presidential forum in las vegas.

Before leaving to head back to el paso he spoke to reporters about the shooting and was a bit emotional while doing so.

"we know that a lot of injury, a lot of suffering in el paso right now.

I'm incredibly saddened.

It is very hard to think about this.

But i'll tell you, el paso is the strongest place in the world.

This community is going to come together.

I'm going back there right now to be with my family and to be with my hometown.".

Police are investigating shootings that left two people dead and three others wounded near downtown suffolk, virginia.

Police say they responded to the area of second avenue and found two men dead... in the same area... a man, a woman and a girl were also wounded from gunfire.

The three were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.

Police didn't have additional details about the shootings.

The community of southaven came together friday night to honor the lives of two walmart employees killed in tuesday's shooting.

Family, friends and co-workers filled the parking lot of southaven's walmart... holding a second candlelight vigil to show support for the families of anthony brown and brandon gales.

Southaven police say brown and gales were shot and killed at work by a disgruntled employee... officials are identifying the suspect as martez abram.

Friends describe 38-year-old gales as an all around good guy... who was recently promoted to manager after 19 years working at the store.

44-year-old brown was described as someone who would do anything for friends and employees... and was dedicated to his family... he had two children.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been released.

Three people are dead -- two are injured after a cliff collapses along a california beach.

San diego officials were called to grandview beach friday.

Emergency crews were dispatched to help rescue victims trapped under the rubble.

One woman died at the scene.

Four others were rushed to the hospital.

Two of those victims later died from their injuries.

Crews attempted to search for additional victims..

But stopped in fear of a second collapse.

First responders believe natural erosion is to blame.

The beach is closed until further notice.

" when it is this crowded maybe there should be an effort by the life guards to go up and dow beach and tell people to pull away from these unstable cliffs."

Back here in the crossroads.

A bar-b-q pit caught on fire this afternoon on sherwood dr. the owner at the resident said he was bar-b-queing and left to use the restroom when he returned he saw the bar-b-que pit on fire.

A resident in the area told us what he saw when the fire started.

I was throwing out a neighbors trash i come down here and i see smoke so i had ran from the back of memorial.

The old school memorial that's now liberty i come down here and run and i see a fire and i say to myself maybe somebody's in the home who need some help the owner and his son were in the home at the time of the fire but no one was hurt.

Time to talk weather on this saturday night..

Taking a first look at your forecast.

Let's check in with meteorologist alexandra kent to see what the rest of your week will look like.


Tonight: 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms. mostly cloudy conditions.

Lows in the mid 70s.

Tomorrow: 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms. mostly cloudy.

Highs in the mid 90s with heat index values in the triple digits.

Tomorrow night: partly cloudy.

Lows in the mid 70s.

Extended: highs quickly approach the triple digits heading into mid-week.

Lows in the mid to upper 70s.

Mostly sunny conditions persist.

One woman in texas says her gold and silver buying business is suffering after federal agents raided it.

And you won't believe what her cameras caught -- agents mishandling evidence and talking about robbing her store.

Sealed evidence bags marked to be open at the bottom shown here to be clearly ripped open at the top.

The store's surveillance cameras captured agents as they worked their way though the shop.

Natsot/agent "had we been thinking, we would have come up here way ahead of everybody come and rob the place, then drive back around and back into the parking lot."

Another video shows agents overlooking evidence.

Natsot/agent "oh, it's already sealed."

"i know.

You know what, where'd it go?


Aww, we didn't see it.

I don't know what happened."

Dominga ledesma was shocked when she first saw what her cameras had captured.

Dominga ledesma/store owner "it was traumatizing.

They came in with guns.

It's just sad that it's come to the point where you can't trust them."

Dominga ledesma owns two stores.

One in raymondville and another in lyford.

Both raided twice.

Dominga ledesma/store owner "this particular group, their mentality is take, take, take.

They don't care who it is."

Ledesma says she's sold silver as prizes to game rooms for four years.

Dominga ledesma/store owner: "i asked my accountant.

I asked lawyers.

I asked city officials and they said there was nothing that we were doing illegally."

Warrants show the owner is accused of money laundering and prohibiting an illegal gambling business.

Dominga ledesma/store owner: "the community knows us.

We've always been gold and silver buyers with the boutique and we do online sales.

That's how we've made our living."

Since the raids, ledesma's business suffered.

Dominga ledesma/store owner: "it's devastated my business.

It's devastated my business.

I have no business right now.

No business."

Ledesma is unsure of her boutique's future.

Natsot/reporter "what's your hope for your business?"

Dominga ledesma/store owner: "i don't know.

I just i don't see a lot of hope for the business right now.

I don't."

Ledesma says with all the business she's lost, she's not sure her store can stay open past the end of this year.

First united methodist church opened their doors for the second annual back to school giveaway.

Newscenter 25 lashanda mccuin attended the event and has more an hour before the community resource and school supply fair started there were more than 100 families lined up waiting to enter the church.

We are able to provide backpacks for up to 1,000 children today filled with school supplies.

The giveaway was open to the public and everything was free.

Children were able to get health screenings, win door prizes and participate in hands-on activities.

Were very fortunate for our vendors for providing the school supplies to go inside driscoll's backpacks.

As children received their backpacks it put a smile on a childs face.

It makes me so happy that's the whole goal.

Its for the children to walk out feeling empowered.

You know we want them to start the school year off on the right foot.

It's not always there fought that they don't have the supplies that they need.

So we're glad to be able to host events like this one to give that child a chance to start on a clean slate with all his other peers.

First united methodist church will bless all the backpacks on august the 11th during church services.

In the studio i'm lashanda mccuin with your hometown news.

Stay with us..

Coming up on newscenter 25 at ten -- dramatic video shows a police officerr in georgia being dragged.

There are some rain chances for the rest of the weekend but what about next week?

I'll have that coming up in your full hometown forecast at least 20 people have been killed in a mass shooting at a busy el paso, texas shopping center.

The saturday morning attack also injured at least two dozen others.

The suspected gunman is in custody and authorities are working to figure out a motive.

Steve nanes has a closer look at the chaos that erupted inside the mall.

We want to warn you, some of the images are disturbing.


Greg abbott, texas: "on a day that would have been a normal day for someone to go leisurely shopping turned into one of these most deadly days in the history of texas.

Lives were taken who should still be with us today."

Shots ringing out inside a busy shopping mall... sending panicked shoppers running for safety.

The saturday morning attack at the cielo vista shopping center in el paso, texas... killing multiple people and injuring more than 20 others, that's according to police and local hospitals.

"we all hear boom boom boom boom."

"people were running from inside the mall to dillards and they were just screaming to get out."

The active shooter situation put businesses nearby on lockdown.

"they told us to go to the back of the room next thing you know they were saying there was an active shooter."

"there was a whole bunch of kids running around without their parents.

I was more worried about the kids more than myself."

Shoppers taking cover as best as they could as the gunfire erupted.

The male suspect in custody has been identified as 21-year old patrick crusius, according to two federal law enforcement sources and one state government source.

Investigators are still looking into the motive.


Robert gomez, el paso police dept.: "it is a crime scene.

If we do have multiple fatalities or multiple victims we have to investigate each and everyone of those."

I'm steve nanes reporting.

Russian police reportedly detained 381 people in central moscow during an unauthorized opposition protest today .

Opposition activists are protesting to demand free elections.

The focus of protesters' anger is a prohibition on a number of opposition-minded candidates, some of whom are allies of jailed opposition politician alexei navalny, from taking part in a september election for moscow's city council.

That vote, though local, is seen as a dry run for a national parliamentary election in 2021.

Authorities say opposition candidates failed to collect enough genuine signatures to register.

The excluded candidates say that is a lie and insist on taking part in a contest they believe they could win.

Police dashcam video shows the moment a driver took off with an officer still clinging onto the side of his car.

Abc's zachary kiesch has more on what happened next and what the officer is saying about it.

An officer in georgia running a traffic stop... was taken on a dramatic ride.

Dashcam video captured the incident as it played out in real time.

That's dunwoody police officer nathan as the driver puts the car into gear and accelerates towards the highway?and officer daley, who continues holding on to the car gfx1 broadcastify nat, "he's taking off on us!

He's taking off on us!"

Through it all, the officer literally hangs from the car....even as it hits that grey suv, in an effort to pull onto atlanta's congested interstate 285 gfx2 ?broadcastify nat, "speed 90 miles per hour through traffic"?

Then the car swerves towards traffic sideswiping another vehicle gfx3 broadcastify nat, "officer down!

Officer down!



Officer daley loses his hold...and can be seen bouncing off the ground police say the driver of that car eventually got out and ran but was eventually chased down and arrested.

Sot officer: "this was a blessing he was not more seriously injured he could have easily been killed by being squished in between cars, being run over by another car."

This morning the officer with a message?

Officer daley sot: "it does look as bad as it feels.

But you know what i mean, i will bounce back ten times stronger, little nick-nack, little nick-nack.

I love you guys.

Thank you so much for your support."

Coming up in sports, its volleyball season and we talked to area highschools as they prepare for the upcoming season.

K hi, im david gibson with your hometown sports.

East volleyball, getting hi, im david gibson with your hometown sports.

East volleyball, getting their pre-season preps rolling friday.

Autumn lance, in her first year as head coach of the titans, moving up from assistant coach last year to succeed misty boenig, who is now titan volleyball's assistant coach.

East returns four varsity players, all starters, from last year's team, including first team all-district pick leilani wimbish-gay.

Our don brubaker talked with east volleyball's new head coach about what she wants to work on with the team in the early pre-season days.

Our first stage is to push the pace of the game.

We're focusing on being very team- centered, really focusing on the team above self, as well as keeping ourselves in system play as often as possible and more consistently.

East volleyball starts scrimmage action saturday at tuh los uhh-midway.

The titans take on goliad, tuh los uhh--midway, and veterans memorial.

West volleyball's first day of pre- season practice, was thursday.

Coming off a district co-championship and a trip to the area playoffs, the warriors return nine varsity players, with six starters back.

Among the top players returning to west, district outstanding blocker anjelica joy, and first team all-district picks rachel goodwine, kia willborn and erin reynolds.

West volleyball, going for its tenth straight trip to the playoffs, and our don brubaker talked with head coach alysia hill.

We are very excited, day one of camp we were bouncing off the walls of and we had to calm down.

We got to get more serious because tryouts start and looking forward to our scrimmages in a couple of days.

First day of pre-season volleyball practice thursday for the reigning tapps 5a state champions.

That would be st.


Led by second year head coach summer brooks, the lady flyers have eight varsity players returning from last year, including five starters and ten seniors.

Led by three- time first team all-state outside hitter savannah wharton, every returning st.

Joe player from last season made either all-state or all-district or both.

Our don brubaker talked with savannah wharton about the returning players stepping up.

We have a lot of seniors this year actually and last year we only had 2 so i think theres a big leadership role that opens up st.

Joe volleyball's first scrimmage comes next monday in goliad.

Victoria college volleyball had its first ever practice for its njcaa team late thursday afternoon.

12 players are on the team.

The co-captains, hope trevino and gabby weido, are the two players returning from the pirates team that won their last club league championship back in the spring.

Victoria college played in that club league for 15 seasons, but now they are in the njcaa.

Area players on the pirate volleyball team include kiki miller from shiner and nicole ressman from ganado.

Our don brubaker talked with her and hope trevino.

We are moving up a whole division and i'm excited for it.

But we'll have a lot of good competition.

We need to work really hard in the very beginning so that we blend in with everyone else that's already been in the njcaa.

It hasn't been that hard getting to know them.

They're very open and very nice.

I haven't had an issue.

Playing with a new team i hope we can come together a little bit and actually perform a team.

Victoria college volleyball's first-ever njcaa game will be at the vc sportscenter.

Smooth bases it to be and when it southeast it 5 knto join him for the back meteorologist alexander came here right now the temperatures across the state that were the high temperatures of 94° in houston 95 in victoria in 105 down in laredo it seems like the borders having a tough time with some high temperatures down there but temperatures right now across the prostrate 80° m1 81 in avnet and 80° in victorious overall starting to cool down just a little bit and we will get down into the 70s tonight for our low temperature and looking at the relative humidity continues to go out at the usually does when it's nighttime 77% victoria 77% in portal vodka and 74% up in howardsville it seems like some of the areas to our west are a little bit right here and will probably stay that way through out the evening the high-pressure is going to set him but first we have to get her some rain that is going to happen as we head into the start of the work week.

I have to deal with that heading into monday definitely do not forget your umbrellas as there is a chance for rain so do not forget about your rain gear heading out the door on monday annuities you to forget i always do it seems now the high-pressure is going to start to track back east and we will begin to see how a lot more sunshine and a lot higher temperatures as well we could even reach triple digit air temperature 100° by wednesday definitely keep an eye on that because we will be pushing this heat safety tips if we didn't get to that point which would probably well looking at the expected rain totals were not expecting much in terms of all this rain coming into the week 1 inch in wharton that seems to be the highest that we are going to be singing in just under invention and not even less as we head back towards the west so some of us are going to get some good downpours but some of us are also going to just get a few sprinkles it's just going to depend on where the showers and storms set up because they are very scattered and isolated tracking the tropics we don't really have anything in the atlantic basin except for 96 felt as going to be moving towards puerto rico still given a 40% chance of development we will continue to monitor that as it comes closer to the united states 87° as the water temperature port o'connor tomorrow expectscebit 2 feet and southeast at 5 kn of wind definitely a great day to get out there 95° for the high temperature today after we started 76 and we are still behind on our rain totals by about 10 inches so we definitely need that rain that tonight looking at 75° for the low temperature on otherwise showing up sunshine i'd definitely put in the nighttime graphic however sometimes computers just as i do hate me degrees for your high temperature :-) and isolated showers or thunderstorms is about today so he tries to run into one of the seven weekend.

The victoria adult literacy council is having donna's dash in september.

Ashley homestore just had another successful hope to dream event.

Singer austin meade is here.

And we'll tell you all about cards for the border and how you can help.

You can pick up a gift card from each heb or walmart and, uh, that they get it, uh, uh, verified at the, at the cash, at the register.

And then to either, uh, send, send it to, uh, cards for the border at one oh eight cherry stone circle in victoria, texas, seven, seven, nine zero four, or to drop it off at one of one of our sites, which is a promise point, the incarnate word.

And blessed sacrament convent on water street, uh, people of people of hope or christ, the victor lutheran church and or the islamic center.

If you have a story idea for community crossroads email me at jmunoz at victoria television dot com.

To catch community crossroads come to crossroads today dot com, click on entertainment and then click on programming.

A newborn cheetah cub has a new n cheetah cub has a ne foster parent.

Her is kris.

She is the lone survivor of a litter of three born at the cincinnati zoo july seventh.

Her mother isn't producing enough milk..

So zoo staffers are bottle feeding her.

But humans can't teach kris animal etiquette.

That's where "blakely" comes in.

He's an australian shepherd who has taken care of several cheetahs, as well as foxes, wallabies, a warthog and a litter of malayan tiger cubs.

Blakely retired in 2017, but came back to take care of kris.

By the looks of it, they seem to be getting along really well.

Blakely will teach kris many important things..

Like playing, snuggling and disciplining.

The zoo is looking for a puppy to spend a couple of years with kris, since she doesn't have any surviving siblings.

The eau claire county humane society in wisconsin gave two bunnies the happiest extended: highs quickly approach the triple digits heading into mid-week.

Lows in the mid to upper 70s.

Mostly sunny conditions persist.

Extended: highs quickly approach the triple digits heading into mid-week.

Lows in the mid to upper 70s.

Mostly sunny conditions persist.


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