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Sunday, August 14, 2022

hampton sues bevin

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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hampton sues bevin
hampton sues bevin
hampton sues bevin

Governor jenean hampton is suing governor matt bevin over the firing of two of hampton's top staffers.

Abc 36's alexus larson has more on the ramped-up fued between hampton and bevin's administration.

"this is really interesting.

It's an interesting signal of a divide within the adminstration."

A divide that saw hampton dropped from bevin's re- election ticket...a divide that saw hampton ask the public for prayers from the "dark forces" within the bevin administration...and a divide that now includes a lawsuit against bevin after his administration fired hampton's chief of staff and deputy chief of staff without consulting her.

"this isn't something you would necessarily expect to see."

The suit claims hampton has the authority to hire and fire her own staff.

The suit names bevin and the state personnel cabinet as defendants.

"her argument is that she, too is an elected official and so with an elected official the power to staff her own office comes with it."

I reached out to governor bevin's office and it released this comment, "the matter is currently before the personnel board, and it is inappropriate for a lawsuit to be filed before the board issues its decision.

We will move for immediate dismissal of the complaint."

We asked u-k political science assistant professor michael zilis if the lawsuit and political in-fighting could harm bevin's re-election bid.

"i don't think this is a make or break moment for the campaign in either direction."

Reporting in frankfort, alexus larson, abc36 news.

In lexington right now...the search

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