Concerns Over Proposed Flavored E-Cigarette Ban

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Concerns Over Proposed Flavored E-Cigarette Ban
Concerns Over Proposed Flavored E-Cigarette Ban

Earlier this month?

Michigan became the first state to ban flavored ?cigarettes.

And right now?

Some locally owned vape shops are worried this will become a national trend.

One tr?state vape shop owner says he's already laid off a few of workers and fears his shop and all of the others will go out of business.

44news reporter joylyn bukovac spoke with him earlier?

And joins us tonight with more.


"i got into this to help people.

I got in this because it got me off of tobacco."

After the trump administratio n started looking at banning all no?tobacco flavored ?

Cigarette liquids?

People started stocking up?

While products are still on the market.

One customer even received a frantic phone call from his wife telling him to pick up her favorite flavor before it's too late.

"i think she was afraid it's going to happen much quicker than it actually probably will but just to placate her i just went ahead and came."

Walther says his wife switched to ?


As a way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Brad bodar?

An owner of a local vapor sho?

Says he too made the switch.

"this is a chest ?

Ray of a 10 year vapor that has not used illegal black market cannabis and or k2 cartridges."

The proposed ban comes as the nation is seeing an uptick in cases of vapin?

Related lung illnesses in recent months.


No single ingredient has been linked to these illnesses?

Health officials are focusing on vitamin e acetate as the potential culrpit.

And the ??a says this ingredient has been found in illegal ??c cartridges sold on the black marke?

Not mom and pop vape shops.

"but the proposed remedy of banning flavors will put us out of business.

We will be gone."

Bodart says he wishes other solutions were proposed such as implementing manufacturin g standards and banning online sales to keep ?

Cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers.

"if the fda has already said that these tobacco company products sold in gas stations and online are the driving force behind the youth epedemic then why is the rememdy directed at my business?

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