The U.S. slashes refugee quota to record low

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The U.S. slashes refugee quota to record low

The U.S. slashes refugee quota to record low

Refugees looking to start a new life in the United States will now find it a lot harder.

The Trump administration announced Thursday it will only accept 18,000 applicants next year, a fraction of the number allowed it by president Barack Obama.

Ryan Brooks reports.

The Trump administration is putting the squeeze on refugees from around the world.

On Thursday (September 26) the State Department announced it will allow only 18,000 applicants resettle in the U.S. next year: a record low.

According to the State Department, the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border has put a strain on the immigration system.

And they claim it would be irresponsible under these conditions to allow large numbers of people to resettle in the U.S. It's the latest move by President Donald Trump to cut back on immigration.

Trump first capped the number of refugees at 50,000 shortly after taking office.

That's less than half the number former president Barack Obama had set just a few months earlier, The new cap reserves spots for certain people, in keeping with America's security and foreign policy priorities.

It includes 4,000 spots for Iraqis, 5,000 for those fleeing religious persecution, and 1,500 for those from central American countries.

That leaves only 7,500 slots for everyone else.

Along with the new cap, President Trump also issued an executive order giving states and local governments the power to decide whether they want the refugees, or not.

There are 71 million displaced people around the world today.

Many of them refugees who have been waiting years for a chance at a new life.

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