VIDEO Historic Bethlehem Township building being restored

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VIDEO Historic Bethlehem Township building being restored
VIDEO Historic Bethlehem Township building being restored

The field northam apologized for the incident.

It comes not long after her husband apologized for wearing black face decades ago.

After sitting empty for years a historic property of township is gearing up for a long-awaited reopening.

>>so you just vocal now has more the article johnson a state that his future.

>>that from townships archibald johnson estate was built and the colonial revival style and nearly a century later, the mansion is being revived again.

Township commissioner melissa davis you at this place i do love this place like about.

>>i love the history of i love the architecture of that.

>>vice president of bethlehem steel and the city's first mayor archibald johnston built it in their early 1920's.

The township took the house and property over in 2005.

>>in 2013 we got a tour inside and could time took its toll you can see some of the plaster is falling off of the ceiling up here now 6 years later.

>>architect and commissioner john gallagher showed us where progress has been made this is an example of some work that's been done this has been done part of the exterior renovation and over the past year a new roof was added the stucco exterior plastered and painted and the windows redone nearly $800,000 investment by the township.

However, up until now renovating it has been anything but an idea set in stone would turn the tide would be the foundation agreeing to reimburse the town force commissioner michael who gets as the janet johnson foundation, the trustee overseeing the property agreed to pay the county of million over the next decade to restore the home's exterior the cabbie out of having an open to the public by 2025.

The township has hired an architectural firm to assess the cost of interior renovations is it not.

>>and yes, 4 what's the name of that our party, archie yes, after jones after a troubled johnson, yes davis says the nonprofit will raise the millions needed to bring the inside back to life.

We do not want to finance it with taxpayer money and from a nature center to a wedding venue support for

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