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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Midmorning with Aundrea - September 19, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning with Aundrea - September 19, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning with Aundrea - September 19, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 2 of 2.

Originally aired September 13, 2019) (Part 2 of 2) Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

In this segment, we meet this week's Educator of the Week.

And we meet a real-life gaggle of Golden Girls who maintain their health through exercise.

Intohis into this 4th grade class...let's see if you can stay on rythmn....did i mention this is a math class?

Here's renae skinner with our educator of the week.

Track: a multitude of 4th graders... track: multiplying out loud... track: ..if you find yourself getting jiggy with this chant...don't be embarrassed!

Track: they are..

And...she sot: jerrlon shelton/eow--" i you love it they're going to enjoy it" track: is too... sot: jerrlon shelton/educato r of the week- "we wer reciting our multiplication way that i found that helps with the students is moving and dancing and singing...they enjoy singing the multiplications" track: misses jerrlon shelton says it's pretty hard for them to miss a beat... reciting outloud helps her students memorize more.

Sot: jerrlon shelton/eow--we were learning today about multiplication properties and division we are about to get into multiplication and division a lot more in the next few weeks" track: it may seem like a mountain of work ...but luckily...they've got a buddy to their left...and a buddy to their right!... sot: jerrlon shelton/eow--"t ey learn more from their peers...i maybe able to teach it and they may ignore what i say but they listen to each other...they like to talk with each other... track: that's why misses shelton tells her students turn to their neighbor..

Sot: jerrlon shelton/eow--"w teach them academics but we also want them to learn socially..

Track: and explain each math term.

Track: while they chattered...we were preparing.... track: it wasn't a neighbor who nominated misses shelton, for this was someone....much closer... track: her husband.

Sot: jerrlon shelton/eow--"a yone that's married to a teacher probably know that we bring our jobs home to the house hold...he's heard and seen probably every paper...every story i bring home about my students" age is just a number.

A workout class at a church in arkansas was designed for seniors by seniors.

And they're working up a sweat-- and a lot of laughs.

Take a look.

Whoever says working out isn't fun has definitely never met this group of ladies.

Ometes w "sometimes w break up a sweat.

It don't take much for us to break up a sweat."

Not only are they full of laughs -- they also have something else in common.

"i'm 100 and well.

A few months ."

You heard that right.

The ho hum workout class at first united methodist church in hot springs is designed for seniors with a goal to "accep aging while avoiding old-ing."

"it does us a lo of good that's why we all look so good ."

Winnie french is one of the more mature women in the group.

"we just have grand time."

But there is one more that has her beat.

"they said if yo keep moving, they cant bury ya."

Mildred smith is 101-years-old and still going strong.

"there ar people living longer now but i don't think they are running around like winnie and i are."

But the class isn't just for seniors.

"i'm just a kid!

An i don't talk as much as they do."

89-year-old frances dalme is considered one of the young ones.

"young i anything under 100 that right - under 100 is young."

Dalme along with a few other organized the class more than 10 years ago.

"winnie kindl joined me in that and then we aged out.

Then we asked verna to do it.

And she does a great job.

"we do standing we do sitting exercises .

We use a band.

We use weights and we use a ball."

But it's not just about exercise..

"the greates part of it is the fellowship."

"we get togethe and we exercise and then we eat."

"we just loo forward to it."

It's all about fellowship -- fun -- and of course-- laughter.

We'll be right ck t back to th andor that and more on the

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