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Monday, August 15, 2022

Wisconsin poll shows most do not support impeaching Trump

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Wisconsin poll shows most do not support impeaching Trump
Wisconsin poll shows most do not support impeaching Trump

A new poll shows that most Wisconsin voters do not support holding impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump and even fewer want to see him impeached and removed from office.

For documents.

A new marquette law school poll out today -- asked wisconsin voters recently..

Their thoughts on the impeachment proceedings..

Eric franke joins us now with more on the findings from that polling..

What it reveals mark and dannika..

Is that still fewer than half of those polled support impeachment hearings --- but one thing is clear -- the numbers are up drastically from where they were back when the mueller report was released.

799 people were polled, from october 13 to the 17th... 46 percent say there is enough cause for the impeachment proceedings..

49 percent say there is not enough cause..

A slightly bigger gap is revealed when asked if president trump should be removed from office -- 44 in favor-- 51 percent against removal.

While still the majority is against impeachment -- that number has shifted about 15 to 20 points against the president since earlier this year.

((( charles franklin @144111: "i think the most important thing is when we asked if hearings were justified as of april, only 29% thought they were justified, now it's 46 percent say they are justified there's been a big move in that."144125))) it comes as the democrats impeachment inquiry begins ..

Roughly a year before the 2020 election... this is just one of numerous topics..

On everything from hypothetical presidential matchups -- to gun control..

To chronic wasting disease..

All of it covered in this marquette poll ..

We have a link to the numbers on our website channel3000- dot-com.

Mark and dannika thanks eric

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