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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Week 10 high school football scores

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Week 10 high school football scores
Week 10 high school football scores
October 25, 2019

I'll come back and wrap it up.

Okay thank you.

>> we're going to an abbreviated rainy version of friday night.

Fever i'm jim holder thank you so much for joining us as you know most games high school football games played last night the area because of rain but a few were played tonight so we're gonna go through.

Some of those let's start things off with t c p s at smithfield here we g o and big division game one one a early in the first quarter holiday hands off josh barry that's first touchdown for the game.

It goes the eagles and their own top sixteen.

Now symbols what nights but pcbs got the ball back not long crumbled because at the end zone and that's safety sixty two and.

>> then octavian miller fifteen yards first down next play jovial smith on the handoff breaks three scores the touchdown for smith symbols get the winning this one thirty four to twenty six.

Is that final alright center hell at south phila and as you see very rainy team's coming outs filling it hit but didn't first drive of the game this one center hill's got fourth down at midfield.

They're going for but troy martin met by a host of tigers the mustangs turn it over on down south till oh taken over say fans out there tonight tyler smith with the ball he's going to be taken down for a loss.

By dear ian hobbs tigers in turn it turn it over on downs.

You see the rain falling later on center hell decides to go to the air.

This is the first pass of the game.

It's a big one press to noose into tucker hanley who out ones everybody mustangs with a seven nothing lead.

After that touchdown you can strike up the band.

Yeah they were out tonight they braved the elements.

Sat ilo's exposition there go one of the air jake greater funding and diving graham reinhardt.

>> sliding that is a first down is nitz.

Yes that's a first down settle fans know that sattler would get stuffed on fourth down tryingto run it so they would again turn it over on down and see the rain fall rest.

>> tanks ensuing possession hobbs with a big carrie here you just breaks tackles gets free you see the mud and everything else looks like you might go to this since but he's brought down at the four yard line.

It would set up another touchdown twenty seven nothing center hell of halftime centre hill goes on to win the final of thirty five.

>> ripley at court.

>> and a lot of rain here too as you expect fourth brandt band braving the elements script with ball first kristin banta hands off savion brooks there's a fumble carter bonds will recover and ripley seen hathorn just check disputing that possibly people's later court trying to run up the middle but they'll be met by a host of tigers and sheffield hanging off the tan patterson to yours out fourth touchdown warriors.

>> cruising in this one forty.

>> one to nothing is in the final score on that one might.

>> falter and bigger still on boy this is just kind of messy to another looking how rough it is if you like weather video this with video for you just coming down around halftime or.

So andre.

>> greene returned the opening kick off seventy seven yards for a touchdown.

Biggers vill never trailed in this and the alliance at home having a big year they go on to win it by the final score of thirty six to.

Think that.

>> we're gonna have a little bit more gonna kind of wrap things up it's no more to be tv a


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