Inflatable lungs teach students about the dangers of vaping

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Inflatable lungs teach students about the dangers of vaping
The lungs were at Albert Lea High School as part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

This afternoon as we continue our coverage of what's being called a health crisis.

The centers for disease control says it's making progress in the investigation into vaping lung injuries and the cádác announcing today that vitamin e acetate á in combination with táhác á may be to blame for the national outbreak of eá cigarette lung injuries.

Táhác is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis or marijuana.

Despite calling this revelation a breakthrough á áá the cádác says more tests need to be done.

Officials say the initial findings do not eliminate other ingredients as a cause of harm.

There have been more than twoáthousand cases of lung injury linked to vaping in the uás.

And there have been at least 40 deaths.

/// take a look at this.

These giant á inflatable lungs are at albert lea high school today.

It's part of lung cancer awareness month á where staff from the albert lea cancer center are talking to students about lung health.

As i'm finding out á the focus is on making sure they understand the severe impacts of "it blew up for a while á everyone was doing it."

Shelby hanson is talking about vaping.

The habit that's taking a deadly toll á particularly on young people á like shelby and her peers.

"i have been offered, like, a vape."

"what was that like, did you know right away what you were gonna do?"

"yes i actually did.

I knew right away that i absolutely wasn't going to do it.

But it scared me so bad, because all my friends were doing it."

Malana thompson tells me there's a lot of misconception s in the air about the impact of vaping.

"i think a lot of students don't actually know like the consequences of it.

A lot of people have told me that it's just like glorified air."

So now á this a unique educational display to try to debunk some of those dangerous myths.

"when you walk through the commons area at albert lea high school á it's almost impossible to miss this.

This giant set of inflatable lungs.

And that is the goal á to get students thinking about their lung health."

"i actually remember the day my mom told me that he did have cancer."

It's something shelby has had to think about before.

"my grandpa died a few years ago.

It started off as lung cancer."

She hopes (this will help her classmates learn the important lesson á that could mean the difference between life and death.

"everyone wants to try the new thing.

And everyone wants to be cool and fit in and that's definitely not what you need to do.

Like high school is high school, have fun, but good clean fun."

"i knew that in my heart it was the right decision to say no."/// the students got to go inside the lungs and learn not just about vaping á but lung

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