Biden Campaigns in Mason City

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Biden Campaigns in Mason City
KIMT News 3's Nick Kruszalnicki gives us a look inside the rally


Xxx george á it was a packed house here at the historic park inn hotel in downtown mason city.

Supporters and curious onlookers took time to hear the former vice president give a stump speech to iowa voters.

Xxx nats: crowd roar the crowd cheered as the former vice president entered the room.

Before he took the microphone, christie vilsack, sharon steckman and amanda ragan gave glowing endorsements of biden.

"he has served for a very long time and has brought leadership as he was doing that."

"nobody other than joe biden can really do the job next november in terms of beating donald trump, which is what we need to do."

Biden talked a lot about healthcare, saying he would build upon the system that obama started when he was in office.

"add a public option, add a medicare option.

Significantly reduce the price of drugs by setting up a board that in fact sets the price of those drugs like they do in other countries."

Kenneth meyer who lives in mason city came to see the biden rally.

He says he has caucused for biden in the past and says he will do it again next year.

"i thought it was very good.

He seemed on top of everything and i learned what i needed to learn from him, so i think it was just to give you an idea of the scope of this rally, media from all across the country were at this event.

All of the major news networks as well as photographer s from the new york times and reuters.

Live in mason city, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3.

Thank you nick.

As i mentioned earlier i also got to sit down with the former vice president on his tour bus for a one on one interview.

You'll get to hear from joe biden tonight on kimt news 3 at six and ten.///

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