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Friday, July 30, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 3, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 3, 2019 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - December 3, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Airlines are trying to pack as many passengers in as small a space as possible, but is it safe in emergencies?

And we visit the Maldives for a luxury resort that is out of this world.

And we get a peek at an Indian wedding celebration.

To end on a nice note.

Intturyo getting your packages to your doorstep.

We take a look at how amazon does it.

And, weddings around the around.

We go to a ceremony in india.

Plus, a peek at the white house christmas decor.

Midmorning starts right now.

The faa has started tests aimed at setting a minimum standard for seat size and the space between rows.

The concern is as airlines reduce seat size, and pack more people onto increasingly fuller planes, it could be harder to quickly evacuated in an emergency.

Kris van cleave visited the test facility and has this report.

In a simulated cabin that can be filled with smoke and plunged into darkness, the faa will try to determine at what point the size of seats and space between rows becomes a hazard to evacuating an airplane quickly.

Kvc: is there an ideal amount of time to get everybody off an airplane?

Sz: as quick as possible if there's an emergency stacey zinke- mckee is with the faa.

The cuing is usually not for people to get out into the aisles, but actually to get out of the aircraft kvc: flyers may think the seats too close but that may not have any impact on safety at all?

Correct- it might not but that's why we are going to gather the data.

During the 12 days of faa testing at this oklahoma city facility-the 720 volunteer 'passengers' wont' have to deal with real life obstacles like bags, smoke, comfort animals or the dark and the volunteers will be broken into groups of just 60.

The smallest 737 seats at least double that.

The faa says it designed the tests to focus solely on two variables-seat width and the space between rows known as seat pitch.

These tests are going to be nothing but a sham.

John bray-oh is from the national consumers league.

It and nine other consumer organizations sent a letter transportation secretary elaine chao and the faa adminsitrator critizing the seat testing.

Consumers should not think for a minute that these tests are being done in a way that would accurately represent what could happen in an emergency evacuation bray-oh worries airlines will use the faa's findings to further reduce space and add more seats.

Airline seat width is down as much as four inches over the last 30 years&to as little as 16 inches wide.

And seat pitch--has shrunk from about 35 inches to 31 and in some cases as little as 28 inches.

The f-a-a should wrap up its testing by the end of the year with a report to come next summer.

From there it goes to an advisory committee that will make recommendation s to the f-a about potential regulations.

So bottom line: any new rules about the size of your seats, likely years away.

Kris van cleave, cbs news, reagan national airport.

The faa says the volunteer passengers used in the tests are a mix of sizes, ages and genders to accurately represent the u.s. population.

Cyber monday deals set records.

This comes after black friday's record- setting seven- point- four ábillioná dollars in cyber sales.

All of those online purchases have led to a surge in deliveries, leaving cities across the country dealing with millions of packages.

The los angeles, chicago and new york areas received the most deliveries last year.

In new york, that was about three- point- six million packages áevery day.á mola lenghi reports.

How many packages will amazon deliver this year?

At least 3 billion.

And they have company.

Fedex plans to haul more than 33 million packages today on cyber monday.

Ups expects to move more than 32 million goods a day between thanksgiving and christmas.

"we like to thin of ourselves as sort of santa's workshop this time of year."

Dave clark, amazon's senior v-p of worldwide operations, says that workshop is cranking out packages faster than ever.

Dc: we've delivered billions of packages already in one day to customers// 21;59;19;09 q: why one-day?

Was two-day not fast enough?

// 21;59;20;24 dc: no customer is ever going to say please deliver that to me slower.

To meet delivery demands amazon is increasing their deployment this holiday season with about 50- thousand delivery vehicles.

22;06;36;00 it's really about how close can i get the inventory to you?

// 22;24;10;06 dc: a hour delivery is an hour because it is very very close to you in a small forward deployed fulfillment center.

But that demand can lead to overrun mail rooms and packages spilling onto city streets.

Anne goodchild, the director of supply chain transport and logistics at the university of washington, says the delivery side of e-commerce is a work in progress.

21;46;58;15 ag: do we want public space to be used as like a temporary distribution center?

I don't think we do // ml: we hear stories about mail rooms // that are just sort of over flooding with packages // ag: these changes are happening so quickly that sometimes// the buildings and the vehicles, are catching up to the changes that are happening on the consumer side.

Clark insists, the current delivery model means fewer vehicles on the roads.

What you're seeing is eing is one delivery van packed full with packages instead of 100 or 200 or 300 cars on the road with a customer coming to a store and coming back with one package // goodchild agrees... delivery services have the potential to be kind of like // a big shared vehicle that does better than the status quo // to an extent... the faster you make that // request, the harder it is for that delivery company to be efficient.

// the total impact has a lot to do with the details.

How quickly did you have it delivered come from?

Suggested outcue: workers like those in the amazon fullfillment centers and those who drive for delivery services get a full body workout this time of year.

That's why one company is making uniforms that may help ease the physical stress.

Hannah armstrong explains.

16:47 so this is our powered clothing for the worker 16:51 seismic, an apparel company making clothes packed with discreet robotics is teaming up with cintas, the largest supplier of corporate uniforms in north america.

Sot full 14:14 ths is how we scale, with partners like cintas 14:16 nat sot 19:07 and this is creating a co- contraction at the hips ceating additional stabilitiy in standing 19:11 the five-pound undergarments provide up to 30 watts of power to large muscle groups.

It's designed to help a service worker with their daily tasks while reducing fatigue.

Nat sot 18:35 this is great for workers who are working, bending, lifting, stooping, requiring to be in a standing position, also walking lifting and carrying 18:42 the north nashville cintas facility is the company's largest.

It staffs manufacturing, industrial laundry and delivery workers who serve 7,000 outside customers.

Sot full 1026 so it's a great partnership to be able try powered clothing with cintas within their own roles and really determine how to best enter the market together in occupational health, wellness and safety 10:40 vmon standing there is a lot of data coming from the suit as well.

Theoretically companies could change the demands they put on workers, based on the feedback.

Seismic powered clothing is not limited to the service industry either, it's also being tested by medical and rehabiliation professionals.

Hm nc5.

If y are if you are dreaming of warmer weather, there are some high end resorts opening that are all inclusive.

We'll show you next on mid morning.

Llnclu all-inclusive resorts are opening in more destinations around the world.

And many are offering higher-end amenities to attract wealthier guests who once snubbed their noses at the concept.

Wendy gillette reports from antigua on some of the most intriguing resorts.

Track 1: kudadoo private island in the maldives is taking all-inclusive to the next level.

Sot: "we wanted t try something new, which was the anything, anytime, anywhere concept."

Track 2: starting at 38 hundred dollars a night- you get unlimited spa treatments- including a himalayan salt room.

Guests can have breakfast on a deserted island&& go diving with turtles and hunt for sting rays- from a private boat.

Nats boat track 3: we got special rates to see the enormous overwater villas.

There's also a cheese room&and plenty of wine to pair it with.

Sot: "we have ove 100 wines and 6 reputable champagnes."

Track 4: closer to home&.overwate r villas are now available at sandals' all- inclusive resorts in jamaica and st.


Nats show track 5: even budget friendly all inclusives like bahia principe's four resorts south of cancun, mexico are upping the ante with activities including elaborate stage shows.

Nats track 6: also in cancun- le blanc spa resort offers unlimited golf and seven course tasting menus dotted with caviar at its french restaurant.

Seven courses are also on every dinner menu at family owned spice island beach resort in grenada.

Around half the rooms directly lead to grand anse beach- and the resort has hosted royalty, including prince harry who had a favorite dessert.

Sot: "we served hi avocado ice cream which is one of our signature dishes handed down through generations and he loved it."

Standup: "althoug higher end all inclusives are becoming more common, the model is not new.

Curtain bluff here in antigua has been operating as a luxury inclusive resort for 32 years."

Track 7: it offers unlimited scuba, tennis and two beaches &with some rooms in the bluffs.

Nats laughing track 8: jeffrey and lana koontz from san francisco were here for their honeymoon and have returned since&fans of the all-inclusive model.

Sot: "i guess what enjoy about it is i don't have to worry about anything.

It's all paid."

Track 9: they're free to worry only - about each other.

Wendy gillette, cbs news, antigua.

And the biggest hotel brands including hyatt, hilton and marriot are also opening new all- inclusive properties.

Traditional weddings look different in different cultures.

Just ahead, we go to india as part of the world of weddings.

Mid morning will be thisorni this morning, we're kicking off our ánewá week- long series "world o weddings."

Cbs this morning sent a team of correspondents around the globe to witness unique ceremonies and understand what marriage means in different cultures.

In the first report, we take you to india, a country where modern technology is blending with centuries- old marriage traditions.

Ramy inocencio went to new delhi to meet a young couple, who were basically strangers until six months before they tied the knot.

We're dancing in new delhi at a big, fat, indian wedding and basically everyone you see here who's married has gotten matched in an arranged marriage.

About ninety percent of all indian weddnigs are arranged and that is despite the rising influence of the west.

Tradition here is as strong as ever.

Welcome to one of the most spectacular shows on earth... but this isn't a music video...or even a bollywood movie...this high- end production is an indian wedding celebration taking place on the outskirts of new delhi- india's bustling capital city of nearly 30 million people.

Amidst all the food, fireworks, and fanfare- here in india, centuries-old traditions - like arranged marriages- remain alive and well.

Sumit gambhir is a 29-year old tax attorney and vani mehta, 24, just finished business school they were only aquaintances, but six months ago both families agreed to the union....sumit flew to canada where vani was living and proposed.

Ri: you guys never dated?

Vm: never.

Ri: a lot of americans might ask 'is this love?"

Vm: i think for me, it's an 'arrange- come-love' marriage, because in the six months, we // fell into such a great place that now i can just say you know that i love him a lot.

Sg: i love her too for many young couples in india, their perfectly arranged match might start here- at the headquarters of in mumbai.

Anupam mittal is its founder.

Am: in india, you know you you often say you don't marry and individual, you marry their family ri: do people find love?

Am: that is a great question because we're gonna get very, very philosophical-- in india, it is a stage of life.

We go through childhood, we go through adolescence.

And then we go through what is called the domestic stage of life before you retire.

The company claims to have arranged nearly six million successful matches, navigating hundreds of different religions, cultures, and languages.

Am: when we think about love in india // it's not necessarily a chemical reaction where you fall in love.

You find love out of respect-uh for each other over time.

Once the marriage is arranged& the wedding áarrangements begin.

Tv- wedding host ambika and.

So people have their family.

Then family's family.

Then in india there's this huge thing that everybody gets offended if they're not called for a

// // so it might seem really large to western audience 'cause you have 100 guests and if 101 person shows up, you're like, oh my god, where will they be seated?

For a small wedding, this holds five hundred people / gotta slightly bigger family?

This holds 1200 / and for a blowout this holds 2000 people that includes bollywood blowouts like this one hosted by one of india's richest families&..anothe r was capped off with a performance by beyonce, with an estimated price tag of up to $100 million.

Vani and sumit's wedding celebration was a five day affair&it began with traditional celebrations for the bride& &.and the groom., two days later, sumit was on horseback- surrounded by hundreds of friends and family- as he rode into the wedding venue.

Nearby, vani was decorated with hundreds of precious jewels gifted to her by family the hindu wedding ceremony takes several hours&with guests popping in-and-out to wish them well once the marriage vows are exchanged& &.

The party begins.

Rm: what was the most stressful part of your wedding?

Vm: that we have to live with each other for the next fifty years, you know?

Ri: is it gonna be okay?

Vm: i hope so-- sg- i hope so.

Even if it's not gonna be okay, we're gonna make it.

I am gonna make it perfectly fine for us.

A sense of hope ..

At new delhi's biggest wedding reception hall, where everyone- including the newlywed couple looked on as the sparks began to fly.

And that's marriage in india.

As for divorces, get this- only one per cent marriages end in divorce in india compared to 50 percent in the united states.

There's a lot of societal and family pressures and also there's probably a little bit of love floating around too!

Ramy inocencio, cbs news, new delhi, india.

A surprise awaits travelers in a wyoming truck stop.

We'll show you next on mid morning.


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