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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Midmorning With Aundrea - March 31, 2020 (Part 3)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 31, 2020 (Part 3)
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 31, 2020 (Part 3)

(Part 3 of 4) Just because you might be self-quarantining is no excuse to be sedentary!

Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of the Fitness Factor join us for a series of workouts you can do in your own home.

Mid morn if you are feeling a little cooped up, here's a great way to get moving.

Our friends beth jeffers and whitney brown from the fitness factor will be sharing at home exercises with us.

Take a look and give these a try.

Beth jeffers: hi, welcome to get fit.

I'm beth jeffers joined here with whitney brown, and we are at the fitness factor all by herself today.

Wcbi asked us if we would shoot some videos so that you have some workouts to do at home.

Today we're going to start with a strength workout done in a chair.

It's a great workout for seniors or anyone.

Let's get started whitney.

Basically what you'll start doing, we are going to show a shoulder roll back just for your little warmup if you're at your home, and then let's hug a tree.

You are going to want to do these about five reps each.

We're just showing you for now.

Let's go into a side bend, whitney.

To the side and a side warmup.

So you would do three to five reps.



Then let's round your back in, pull the navel into the spine, and then you want to open up, opening up that chest.

Making sure that you're breathing the whole time.

Beth jeffers: now this is very modified.

Let's start with the little march just to kind of get those legs warmed up.

You at home when you do this, you would want to definitely do three to five.

Let's get into the work now.

You're going to start out with just a basic leg lift.

Again, you can put your weights on here.

If you don't have weights, you can use soup can.

Let's try to do about 10 reps of each of those.

Then let's move into our chest press.

Nice wide arms, nice wide arms, tall back leaning against the chair.

Let's go into a leg extension.

Once again, you would do maybe eight reps to 15 reps depending on your fitness level.

Now for your back, let's go into a row whitney.

Pulling back, a slight lean from your chair, perfect.

Okay, let's go into a heel rise.

Beth jeffers: lifting that heel off the ground, really working those calves.

Nice job.

Nice job.

Slipping into the next exercise would be your shoulder press.

If you have any shoulder problems, leave this one out for sure.

Any kind of pain at all, just adjust yourself accordingly.

Let's move into the bicep curl.


Nice work.

Arms down, curling up.

Lastly, go into an overhead tricep extension.

Whitney brown: i'm going to put this down.

Beth jeffers: put your weight down, bend and extend, bend and extend.

Those are your core movements for your strength work.

Lastly, let's get some core work in.

Whitney brown: okay.

Beth jeffers: extend the arm straight out.

You want to have your back, very tall and just... whitney brown: .

Beth jeffers: correct, perfect.

And just hold it.

You would hold there for 30 seconds.

Then move it side to side.

Great job.

Whitney brown: this is harder than it looks.

Beth jeffers: it is.

That's your core work and that's your exercise.

Then you'll want to do some kind of a stretch at the end.

You could actually go through that warmup that we took you through to stretch out.

Nice job.

Whitney brown: thank you.

Beth jeffers: thanks for coming.

And it's a great way to keep fit.

You can go to or... whitney brown: you can check out the fitness factor's facebook page, we'll have all the videos linked there as well.

Beth jeffers: stay fit and safe.

Announcer: for more get fit with the fitness factor, go to

A can, a cork, a yellow pencil and some cloth.

The makings of an amazing adventure.


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