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Friday, January 22, 2021

Easter Church Services (4-12-20)

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Easter Church Services (4-12-20)
Easter Church Services (4-12-20)
Easter Church Services (4-12-20)

Ten.") many of you likely celebrating easter in a different way this year, good sunday evening and happy easter, i'm ron johnson.from livestreams to drive-up services churches everywhere getting creative with their services today <<ron johnson reporting easter celebrations across st.

Joseph this sunday looking a little different than in years past, this is very uniqueparking lots turned into sanctuaries car hornsapplause replaced by car honks, all necessary changes as congregations celebrate the holiday while adjusting to new regulations due to covid-19.when they give you lemon s in like you make lemonade.

Many this week having church in their cars, while some may have different names for this special service.

We call this park and praise,i call this the church car hop.

The purpose is the same, they say even in this time of social distancing, they still need that sense of togetherness our folks just really kinda need to see each other, they need to be together they need to feel like they're together.

It's very difficult to be at home, you lose that feeling of connectedness.everybody's still trying to be as normal as they can and get out and still do the things they want to do.

In these uncertain times, churchgoers say they're relying on their faith now more than ever to get through.

We do not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know who holds tomorrow.

As long as there's life there's hope which is why they said it was important easter service went on even if they couldn't all be under one roof.

The church is the people it's not just the building.

The most important thing was to get our peopel together and celebrate the ressurection of christ its a beautiful thing.

Ron johnson kq2 news>> area pastors said they've seen decline in attendence for weeks now even before stay at home orders went into effect, they say more people are staying connected virtually while staying at home.


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