Steve Scheffler's Sucess Story

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Steve Scheffler's Sucess Story
The former Purdue center was named Big Ten Player of the Year in 1990.


A lot of things, i was very fortunate.

Andrew: steve scheffler never folded the hand he was dealt.

Steve scheffler: wow.

I had a nice cinderella ride.

Andrew: that ride wasn't always nice.

Scheffler had trouble reading.

The grand rapids, michigan was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age.

Steve scheffler: on the basketball court, it wasn't much of an issue.

Andrew: but scheffler still struggled on the hardwood and it was obvious to one of his college coaches.

Steve scheffler: you were the worst recruiting mistake in purdue basketball history.

Nat pop steve scheffler: spring time came about they were like if you want to do spring football practice is starting up and we know the football coach would love to have you hint, hint could we please be free of this basketball scholarship because this guy is a forest gump on our team.

This guy is never going to make it.

Andrew: dunk forest.


Nat pop andrew: scheffler proved all his coaches wrong.

As a senior, the 6 foot 9 center won the big ten player of the year.

The same year, scheffler was picked in the n-b-a draft.

Nat pop andrew: scheffler played sparingly over in his seven-year n- b-a career but was a fan favite especially with the seattle supersonics.

In 19-96 scheffler and seattle earned a trip to the n-b-a finals.

Nat pop steve scheffler: officially i was in the game in the n-b-a finals when it counted and was able to do something good.

Then when we got the ball back on offense i was promptly taken out of the game but i didn't care and we ended up winning the game.

Andrew: scheffler and the sonics won the game but lost the series to michael jordan and the chicago bulls.

Nat pop andrew: 24-years later, schef is back in grand rapids.

He's married with children and owns his own business.

The now 52-year-old bet on himself and won big.

But about this & nat pop steve scheffler: that was before the internet!


I go to a neighborhood picnic right?

I'm like bygones be bygones and our neighbor picks up the phone and is like look at this!

That's not fair.

Yeah it's there.

I'm a rapper.

Scheffler can rap but he has yet to watch the last dance.

He plans to watch his alma mater this upcoming

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