Police force groom to do push-ups at the altar after catching him without a face mask
Police force groom to do push-ups at the altar after catching him without a face mask

This is the amusing moment police forced a groom to do push-ups at the altar after he was caught without a Covid-19 face mask on his wedding day.

Solihudin Masitha and his bride Dian had been given the all-clear from local officials for the ceremony in East Java, Indonesia, on August 27.

The couple agreed to maintain social distancing and put hand sanitising stations around the venue.

However, a policeman who checked on the event was furious when he saw that the groom was exchanging vows without a face mask.

Footage shows how the policeman broke up the wedding and forced Solihudin to do three push-ups in front of his bride.

Humiliated Solihudin complied with the policeman's request by doing the exercise as Dian stood nearby laughing.

"This is not a punishment, but this is a form of education so that people are orderly and always wear masks," said Adjunct Inspector Harid Kurniawan, the police officer in the video.

"We must continue to make efforts so that people don't let their guard down and adhere to health protocols to avoid the transmission of Covid 19." Solihudin said he was relieved that the officer had shown leniency after catching him without a coronavirus covering during the ceremony in Randugong Village, Kejayan District.

He was then handed a mask so that the wedding could continue while following local laws brought in to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Officials said that there were several other guests at the wedding not wearing masks.

They also criticised locals for becoming complacent with mask wearing rules.

Indonesia has recorded 174,796 coronavirus cases and 7,417 deaths as of August 31.