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Monday, January 25, 2021

ABC 36 Teacher of the Week

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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ABC 36 Teacher of the Week
ABC 36 Teacher of the Week
ABC 36 Teacher of the Week

C1 3 launched a brand- new virtual series designed to highlight extraordinary local women who have impacted the community and so much more.......... joining us by phone with the details is noelle johnson, membership & program manager, of girl scouts of kentucky's wilderness road welcome to the show!


Tell us more about girl scouts of kentucky's wilderness road's brand new "unstoppable women" virtual series.


What inspired this new series?


Tell us about some of the "unstoppable women" who are involved in the series.


What do you hope girl scouts and community members take away from this virtual series?


Who can register community members take away from this virtual series?


Who can register to attend the virtual "unstoppable women" series?

How do people register?

After the break we'll introduce you to the a-b-c 36 teacher of the week.......... mr. thomas encourages his students to keep learning!

The complete story after the break!

Keep it right here!

Welcome back!

For teachers creating relationships with relationships with their students is incredibly difficult right now during the pandemic.

Our abc 36 teacher of the week is doing everything he can to make it happen.

And all in his first year of teaching at shearer elementary school in winchester.

Being a first-year teacher is tough.

Deandre thomas: it hasn't been bad, it's been a little bit stressful.

Deandre thomas never planned on being a teacher, but when he was presented with the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of children, he jumped at it.

He quite literally jumped at it, thomas also serves as a cheerleading coach.

Deandre thomas: number one, we love it.

But number two, i explained to my cheerleaders as well, you have to be a lifelong learner.

You can't just learn how to do a back handspring or a back tuck.

And the same thing for the classroom, you can't just learn one + one, you have to learn life skills and social skills for life.

For thomas, the most important thing to him is letting kids know he's there for them.

Deandre thomas: like, i tell my students every day i love them just to make sure that if they're not getting that at home they get it from me.

And so yeah, you just have to build those relationships and make sure that you're doing your job as a teacher to make them and mold them into a lifelong learner.

He also believes he carries a big responsibility in his position.

Deandre thomas: and if i can be a smile, i guess i would say, if i can be a positive light to someone, that makes me happy.

Especially, being an african-american male in the classroom.

You don't see a lot of that, and with everything going on in this world, whatever you believe in, with everything going on, it's important to stay positive and to stay encouraging these young people to get out and do something with their life.

If you know an educator just like mr. thomas, it can be a homeschool teacher, a sunday school teacher, or anyone educating and impacting the lives of others, nominate them on our website,

Abc 36 teacher of the week is brought to you by parent- teacher store in lexington.

Still to come lyssa high wraps up this weeks hometown tours over


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