Kim Jong-un tears up during massive military parade
Kim Jong-un tears up during massive military parade

[11:05] Dessent-Jackson, Louee North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared emotional while speaking at a massive military parade in Pyongyang early on Saturday, marking the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party, the country's ruling party.

Before shedding a few tears, he thanked volunteers who responded to the recent flooding in the country.

Tens of thousands of spectators loudly welcomed the leader as he appeared from a building as the clock struck midnight.

It’s unusual for North Korea to hold a military parade in the middle of the night, although such conditions may provide benefits in protecting sensitive information about weapons that were rolled out.

This week’s festivities are designed as a major event to glorify Kim Jong-un’s achievements as leader of North Korea.

Report by Bassaneseg.

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