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Sunday, July 25, 2021

10272020 Doug High

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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10272020 Doug High
10272020 Doug High

Amber interviews Doug and Lyssa High about their upcoming Kentucky History Special

C1 3 for the supreme court.

Voting along party lines..

The senate confirmed her by a narrow 52-to-48 majority.

L3: nation view white amy coney barret confirmed to supreme court the only lawmaker to cross party lines was senator susan collins.

She voted with democrats because she says it's too close to election day to consider a nominee.

Barrett's nomination process was one of the quickest in modern times.

The 48-year-old is the third justice nominated by president donald trump... and gives conservatives a six-to-three majority on the court.

"trump: this is a momentous day for america, the united states constitution and for the fair and impartial rule of law."

L3: nation view white amy coney barret confirmed to supreme court according to the associates press, justince barrett's first votes onthe supreme court could include two major topics relating to president trump.

One including a plea from the president to prevent the manhattan district attorney from getting his tax returns.

The other...appeals from republicans to shorten the deadline for receiving and counting absentee ballots in certain battleground states.

It's not certain if the new justice will take part in these issues.

#### meanwhile--- senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is getting some backlash from kentuckians and his democratic rival in the election because of the vote.

He defended it..saying this isonnell- majority leader "w weruld have acted entirely within the r ### his opponent in the race fomentd candi at mcconnell.

She accused mcconnavirus relief package rema candidate brad barron and demog questions at the forum onington today to n persen this morning at the lexingtonle hour parkthe importance of voting and ank too bring the 's what i want to do in thi news now....ah investigatiortment finds a man dead in a hodavid copher was fod dead by morehead dispata family member g c1 3 the always ... royal stores halted the store can ... be a little bit of it ... .

He ... okay well lisa, what was your favorite ... one are all pretty spooky ... but you know ... abraham lincoln's watch pocket watch ... was it it's something that were all kind of ... whereof from the history treasures ... , but the story ... that was told behind it was never ... in the kentucky history treasures like you are that i knew nothing about ... it gave me chills when i heard it for the first i couldn't believe ... normally want to ... this is a collection of hamlet bottle ... water cure ... very very story about her ... in order for the very first time.

7:30 pm ... thursday night ... okay i have to have all of the ... will, maggiore of asia, said this month out on display all the time.

A lot of us in the base ... you work there ... is an everyday basis variable you ever fueled ... of spirit and all ... yours, or some occasional bible shall ... hundreds and hundreds ... so i was brought up, you must reduce ... because when i walked into the archive.

I felt like i was ... you i can de pue village ... to the floor.

We decided to go morbid ... believer, guy ... 11 ... specials and i want to sleep ... so she is very much of the history of the history ... of, well it's not too good an open mind ... and are surrounded by the ... neural ... by thursday night ... only got half of the ... some of talk about legible ... .

We also have a pool table: ... bring all these little what you want to go ... that ... really prepares the cool thing this is the context ... jim udall was one of 1910 to karl ... to dress them up in a war one.

She was horrible ... .

Good luck charm for family ... circuit city equipment will ... so ... what 1917 was a beloved ... family item 120 ... family item 122 seems a little so ... will try to show the history of the concepts on ... some ... you that would like something you bury you and are at 7:30 pm ... to access hollywood just for the money to ... the store for the authors do ... were ... excited to watch it be fine.

It weighs knowing both of you and knowing the reaction to the topic at dollar ... all ... the goal is no ... straighter hollywood hello doug and lisa ... .thank you so much for ... we appreciate it ... .

Definitely check it out.

This ... thursday ... will be fun to talk about.

I am excited ... we had something ... on an exciting if you like pumpkins and i know and is out there ... the


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