19-year old elected to ohio town council

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19-year old elected to ohio town council
19-year old elected to ohio town council

Town of ohio town council.

News channel two's gary liberatore introduces us to the winner....a write- in candidate....who's only 19-years-old!

Tc : 46:27 "he actually went door-to-door for how long& about three weeks& three weeks&" 19-year-old kyle (dell-uh-no) delano...will be sworn in as the newest council member in the town of ohio in january.


None .

None tc : 35:45 "it was kind of different how the seat became aware to me because no one filed to run for the seat."

The seat was that of longtime council member ed luther who passed away in recent months at the age of 91.

And since no one filed to run for the seat, it was up to voters to write-in their choice to replace him.

Tc : 36:48 "so i had to go door to door and let people know who i am and i gave a tiny slips of paper with my name on them and that a lot of people to bring those to the polls and nowhere to write my name in and how to spell it."

They spelled it right.

Herkimer county board of elections republican commissioner says kyle received a clear majority of the 190 write-in votes.

She called him on friday to give him the good news.

Tc : 41:52 "i was very excited to learn, was a long wait it was actually over two weeks."

This new board member attends suny poly, majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in criminal justice.

His goal is to attend law school.

As far as even higher political aspirations, delano says right now he doesn't have any, he just wants to serve his constituents the best he can, tc : 36:07 "i had served my final year of high school on the poland central board of education as a student i like government."

(gary liberatore, news channel 2) well just imagine graduating a year ago, the class of 2019 here in poland and now a year later, a town council waht's next?

Tc : 39:37 "and the biggest thing i promise people was is that any concerns that they brought to me no matter how big or small i would be happy to look into and make sure their voices are heard (gary liberatore, news chanel 2) "kyle says he can't wait to get started in january.

In poland, gary liberatore, news channel 2.> with inauguration day less than two months away... president elect joe biden is

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