This Chandigarh couple proves 'love knows no boundary'
This Chandigarh couple proves 'love knows no boundary'

It is very aptly said that 'love conquers all'.

To prove this quote right, a Chandigarh man married his childhood love despite of all the odds coming to his way.

Rahul, who became wheel-chair bound after an accident, struggled a lot to convince the family of his lady love, Anamika.

While speaking to ANI, groom Rahul said, "This is a best feeling.

I have been waiting for this moment for too long.

We have faced too many problems because of family".

While bride Anamika said, "People should understand disability exists in their minds." The sheer happiness of both Rahul and Anamika is indeed very heart touching.

Both Rahul and Anamika were emotionally-charged while performing wedding rituals on their D-day.

The wedding was organised by Chandigarh Spinal Rehab Centre with great pomp and show.

It is not wrong if one says, 'Marriages are made in heaven'.