Why are India’s farmers angry?
Why are India’s farmers angry?

Farmers in India are protesting amid a standoff with the government over new farm laws.

Tens of thousands of farmers have laid siege to the capital Delhi, choking entry points, even as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the country.

They are demanding that the government scrap the new laws, which they say, are against their interests.

The government has said that the reforms, which allow private players a greater role in the farming sector, will boost farmers’ incomes but the farmers are fear exploitation at the hands of big corporates, and are worried the government is planning to do away with the minimum assured price guarantee for their produce, which they say is a lifeline for them.

So, would the controversial reforms give much-needed relief to India’s ailing farming sector, or do they threaten farmers’ incomes and livelihoods by bringing in an unregulated free market?

Presenter: Devina Gupta Contributors: Hindol Sengupta, economic policy expert; Sudha Narayanan, agriculture economist; Shameek Chakravarty, founder and CEO, Farmizen