Starmer: 'Our schools are shut, but our borders are open'
Starmer: 'Our schools are shut, but our borders are open'

Sir Keir Starmer has asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson why mandatory quarantine is not being enforced for more countries and non-direct flights.

The Labour leader questioned why the Prime Minister thinks that new variants will only arrive in the UK from direct flights.

He told the Commons: "21,000 people are coming into this country every day.

The Prime Minister's new border arrangements are still weeks away from being implemented and will only affect direct flights from some countries." Sir Keir added: "We know from the first wave of the pandemic that only 0.1% of virus cases came from China where we had restrictions, whereas 62% came indirectly from France and Spain where there were no restrictions".

The leader of the opposition continued to ask: "Why does the Prime Minister think that the variants of the virus will behave differently and only arrive in the UK by direct flights?" Report by Thomasl.

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