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Thursday, February 25, 2021

First responders say medical calls are still higher than normal

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First responders say medical calls are still higher than normal
First responders say medical calls are still higher than normal

Even with Tippecanoe Counties positivity rate at 4.4 percent, TEAS says their call load hasn't slowed.

Tonight -- first responders and and dispatchers have been the first line of defense when it comes to battling the pandemic.

I talked with both professions to see how their protocols have changed due to covid-19.

Paramedics and emt's are still taking every covid-19 precaution possible.

"we don't know if they are positive or not so they gown and we gown until we are proven different."-john zartman since the beginning of the pandemic..

Tippecanoe emergency ambulance service as seen an increase in their call numbers.

"from the beginning of the pandemic yes.

Anywhere from 12 to 15 runs per day."-john zartman even with tippecanoe counties positivity rate at 4.4 percent..

Teas says their call load hasn't slowed.

"we've not really seen a decline in that at this point in time but there has been an increase."-john zartman (nats( however..

For dispatchers who are answering 911 calls..

They say there have been less calls regarding covid-19 now that tippecanoe counties positivity rate has declined.

"covid calls definitely have went way down.

We would take many many calls back at the height of it for ambulances for people testing positive having symptoms but we definitely feel is has gone way down."- joe potts for both professions protocols have changed.

Teas originally had one ambulance dedicated to covid-19 calls..

That has sense changed.

"we couldn't dedicate that truck constantly for all the calls that where coming in so we went ahead and just made that protocol for all the trucks instead of just one."-john zartman as for dispatchers..

For certain calls they don't always send an officer if one isn't required.

"obviously if it required an in person response we would go and take necessary protocols we did try to handle a lot of things over the phone if we could.

"-joe potts while both first repsonders say..

The changes have been stressful they are grateful that they have always been able to send an ambulance when one is needed.

"i would never want my loved ones health you know health to come down to someone on a phone making a decision so we have been very fortunate."-joe potts according to a report by cbs in cities like los angeles..

First responders were told not to take covid patients to the hospital if they weren't likely to make it..

A decision that has never had to be made in tippecanoe county.

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