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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Remembering the Life of Charles Coolidge

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Remembering the Life of Charles Coolidge
Remembering the Life of Charles Coolidge

We label people as true American heroes too often.

But Charles Coolidge really was one and had the medal to prove it.

At 11.

Chattanooga has lost one of its greatest citizens.

Medal of honor recipient charles h coolidge passed away at the age of 99.

The world war two veteran made an impact on this world that will not be forgotten.

News 12 brian armstrong spoke to those who knew him in our... top local story.

Not to forget charles coolidge and not to forget what he did.

There's an old saying nothing is over as long as it's remembered.

Mr. coolidge, his name, and more importantly his character and accomplishments will always be living here.

He received a silver star for combat, which's amazing and itself, he received a medal of honor.

For his multiple-day action along the french-german border and 1944.

They don't give those out freely.

He and about 20 troops, they were green troops, they just gotten there and withheld an attack for four days from what you call company size armor units of the german army.

They fought them with everything they had.

They ran out of grenades and the bazookas didn't work.

He didn't take no for an answer he did not believe it could not be done.

He held them off and the fact that the germans came up and asked him to surrender, he said guys if you want to come get me, you're going to have to come get me.

He walked up to a tank, who does that, or charles coolidge did that, he's that kind of individual.

Epitomized integrity he did not lie, cheat, or steal he did it the right american way in business and in life.

He was a man of great integrity, of great honor.

Everybody that comes through the store will learn about the magnificent hero that's charles coolidge.

That is part of not only our mission but it's our honor, to honor so honorable a hero as charles coolidge.

Funeral services for charles h.

Collidge sr. will be held april 16th, at 11 in the morning, at first presbyterian church.

Burial will follow at the chattanooga naitonal cemetery.

Visitation will be thursday, april 15th from 4-6 pm at heritage funeral home, east brainerd


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