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Saturday, July 2, 2022

FEMA offers help to cover burial expenses for COVID-19

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FEMA offers help to cover burial expenses for COVID-19
FEMA offers help to cover burial expenses for COVID-19
FEMA offers help to cover burial expenses for COVID-19

Too many families have had to bury loved ones because of the covid pandemic.

And the unexpected loss has resulted in financial strain and delayed funerals for many- but now the federal government is stepping in to help.

Here's kq2's kilee thomas with fema's funeral assistance program kilee thomas reportinglosing a loved one to covid-19 is emotionally taxing unexpected cost of a funeral and it can be overwhelming but families can now get some much needed reliefsot: todd meierhoffer, president of meierhoffer funeral home- "this is really going to give families an opportunity to help them financially as we all know a lot of families have been hit unexpectedly."

Starting monday, families who had to bury a loved related death can apply for financial reimbursement up to $9,000 per funeral and $35,000 for households who lost multiple family members.local funeral homes say with over half a million american deaths including 180 in buchanan county,the need is great.

Sot: meierhoffer-"for a lot of families where everyone was fine, covid hit and then those complications ended in a way that no one could expect."

"$9,000 would be more than ample to cover a funeral service of any magnitude."

Meierhoffer says this money will also give families a chance to honor their loved one with a traditional funeral as many family members put off the typical large gathering due to covid precautions sot: meierhoffer-"i will tell you a lot of families took advantage of that.

I will also tell you that we have fulfilled many services since things have opened up; however, now that vaccinations are more prevalent, i foresee a lot more families maybe because they didn't."

Area funeral homes call themselves the last responders-there to help families grieve but countless families haven't had the chance to mourn properly because of the pandemic.

Meierhoffer hopes this financial relief can be the first step in giving families that chance.

Sot: meierhoffer- "in grieving, you can't make it go away.

Not doing anything can't make it go away."

Sot: meierhoffer-"i think we serve a very, very important part of a life.

It's how people heal, it's how people celebrate.

It's nice that the touched every other entity in terms of funding to help think it's pretty important."joseph, kilee thomas kq2 news to qualify for funeral reimbursement, fema says the family member must have died from covid after january 20th in the u.s... fema is offering applications only by phone, and not online -- due to the sensitive nature.

You can call (844) 684-6333 to apply.

Meierhoffer funeral home says it will help interested families through the process.

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