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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Activists stage 'Joints for Jabs' campaign in DC

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Activists stage 'Joints for Jabs' campaign in DC
Activists stage 'Joints for Jabs' campaign in DC

Activists in Washington DC staged a 'Joints for Jabs' campaign on Tuesday to encourage residents to get vaccinated and lobby their council members to reform the city's marijuana laws.

Gloria Tso reports.

Washington DC locals had an extra incentive to get a COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday.

Activists staged a 'Joints for Jabs' campaign, giving anyone who'd been inoculated free weed.

People lined up to make the most of the offer: "I think it's a really cool way for people to, you know, incentivize getting their vaccine in D.C.

For a 'holiday'." "I'm here for multiple reasons.

One, I got my vaccine.

Two, I enjoy marijuana for me.

So I have chronic back pain, so it also helps me as well." The event was organised by a local advocacy group which is lobbying for reforming the city's marijuana laws The drug was made legal for recreational use six years ago after a ballot referendum.

Activist Adam Eidinger wants to be able to sell the drug: "Since 2015, it's been legal to grow marijuana in Washington, D.C., in your home.

But it's not legal to sell it yet.

We would like to be able to sell it.

Anyway, that said, the home growers came together and said this is simply a way we can give back.

Just like they're giving away Krispy Kreme Donuts, we're giving away joints." According to officials, 30 percent of Washington's more than 692,000 residents have been fully or partially vaccinated against COVID-19.

To what extent the free joints helped, remains to be seen.