Need to Know News (17 August 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman
Need to Know News (17 August 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman

The biggest RINO of them all, Liz Cheney, who has betrayed Trump by every means imaginable, has bitten the bullet and gone down to defeat by a staggering margin with on 28.9% of the vote to her (Trump supported) opponent with 66.3%.

Few tears are going to be shed, where even this outcome reflected the votes of many Democrats who crossed over to give her a boost.

Of ten Republicans who voted for his impeachment, 8 so far have lost their seats, an impressive achievement for any political figure, much less one as controversial as this.

The FBI appears to be planning a "dirty bomb" false flag to quell the rabble (meaning Trump supporters and those who believe in the Constitution).

Mike Adams believes its part of the plan to create chaos in the US and invited UN troops into America as "peacekeepers" to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, where Mao emphasized that the party must control the guns lest the guns control the party--and the Democrats seem to be going along with the agenda, where Pelosi has called China "a great democracy", which is about as absurd as it gets but nevertheless revealing.

Jim Jordan reports 14 FBI "whistleblowers" have come forward to expose its corrupt acts with regard to Russiagate and other sordid activities to bash Trump and benefit Hillary, among others.

And the Attorney General continues to balk at releasing the Affidavit that initiated the raid on Mar-a-Lago, which has galvanized support for the man they fear the most, where it appears to have backfired in a rather spectacular fashion.


Chuck Grassley, perhaps the paragon of reason and responsibility, has announced that there will be a major investigation of the DOJ and the FBI when the GOP regains control of Congress.

And lawsuits related to Kobe Bryant's death appear to be milking the system for money in light of evidence suggesting (rather strongly) that the crash was faked and that the chopper whose debris was found was not even from his helicopter.