RT News - August 26 2022 (09:00 MSK)
RT News - August 26 2022 (09:00 MSK)

Ukraine shells a chemical plant in the Donetsk republic, setting fire to the building and halting production.

That's just weeks after a similar attack on a civilian facility by Kiev led to the leak of a cloud of hazardous gas.

US Congress is being asked to consider if future aid to India should only be given if it improves its human rights record.

We hear from a former Indian foreign secretary, who questions the motives behind funding, which the country has not even asked for.

A major online persuasion campaign uncovered with a new report revealing that both Meta and Twitter deleted accounts pushing Western narratives in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks exclusively to RT, in the aftermath of being charged with threatening current government officials, much to the anger of his supporters.