Need to Know News (21 September 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman
Need to Know News (21 September 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman

Mike Adams sounds the alarm over the growing homeless encampments across the United States, where they are going to want places to live--and your home may be next!

Illinois has (absurdly) declared that trespassers can no longer be removed from private property as of 1 January 2023, which means that, in Illinois, there is no "private property" -- leaving no doubt about the extent to which the Democrats have gone full-blown communist!

I would never have believed I would live to see the day!

Others are praising the actions of Martha's Vineyard in giving the boot to the illegals and recommending that every state should do the same.

Let those who declare themselves to be "sanctuary cities" take them in and cope with the problem.

No nation can remain when it embraces open borders and a welfare state!

Collapse is inevitable.

And that appears to be what the Democrats want.

Trump is resisting explaining how he declassified the docs taken from Mar-a-Lago, which may or may not be a wise legal strategy.

Athletes are dying at a phenomenal and heretofore unprecedented rate, which can only be ascribed to the vax.

It's obvious!

Meanwhile Biden's doing all he can to suppress information from the border and even to punish "Angel Moms" who have lost children to illegals who have taken their lives.

Aaron Rogers and Bill Maher talks about politics, too, where Maher seems to be coming around to a more accurate appreciation of what's going on today in the USA.