Twitter Files #14 Russiagate Lies, Huang Ping UPenn Visit, 2020 Voter GA Election Case Reinstated
Twitter Files #14 Russiagate Lies, Huang Ping UPenn Visit, 2020 Voter GA Election Case Reinstated

I read the entire new dump of Twitter Files from Matt Taibbi #14 Russiagate Lies.

Where we see certain government entities and senators and congress people pressuring Twitter to follow along with a narrative that to them does not appear true.

Twitter's research showed Russian bots were not pushing the hashtag #releasethememo, instead twitter users with large followings like Donald Trump Jr. , Wikileaks and others were.

Why did Senators like Schumer and Blumenthal and Schiff continue to pump a false narrative to the press and try to use Twitter to substantiate it?

Biden Penn China funding raises concerns, I explore some of the backstory of Huang Ping the one time New York Consul General who went to University of Pennsylvania and other schools back in 2019.

What was the purpose of these visits?

Were they the genesis of the funding of the Penn Biden Center with Chinese monies?

What others schools did Ping have a relationship with and why did he meet with the Undersecretary of State's of Georgia's sister in Staten Island at the Chinese Lantern Festival?

Was Ping a back channel to China for U.S. politicians and other?

Why did he visit American colleges in 2019?

When will Biden attempt to refill the Petroleum reserves he drained to their lowest point in 40 years?

By telling the world the price they will refill at does this set a dangerous precedent?

Wouldn't that info be better kept secret?

The View and others seem to be pushing a new talking point, that the Republicans somehow planted classified documents in Joe Biden's garage and home.

How Twitter helped democrats peddle another Russia hoax and attempt to slander Devin Nunes and the information he was bringing forward.

Facebook told the White House it sometimes suppressed "often true content." Why would a social media site suppress the truth?

Former Biden assistant Kathy Chung questioned by law enforcement over classified documents repeatedly appearing in Hunter Biden emails.

New House Oversight Chairman James Comer offers new legislation to ban illegal immigrants from voting in Washington D.C..

5000 Swiss Army soldiers deployed to protect Davos World Economic Forum meeting.

Illegal aliens staying at New York 500 dollar a night hotel on the taxpayers dime are accused of trashing rooms, drinking all day, smoking marijuana and having sex in the stairways.

Only half of U.S. women under the age of 45 have children.

Prosecutors in Danny Masterson rape trial dealt a blow by the death of Lisa Marie Pressley who was scheduled to appear as a witness for the prosecution in the case.

The former scientologist was allegedly going to testify that Scientology had put pressure on the accusers.

Georgia appeals court reinstates Voter GA and Garland Favorito's 2020 elections case the lawsuit was originally dismissed for lack of standing.

FAA flight grounding debacle as apparently caused by one employee only who made a mistake of replacing the wrong file.

Microsoft says it will begin to offer U.S. employees with "unlimited" time off.

Lisa Marie Pressley has died at the age of 54.

More questions arise about the Biden Penn center after millions in donations discovered from China.

Who is Robert Hur the special counsel picked to review Biden's classified documents.

Keenan Anderson, the cousin of the head of BLM Patrisse Cullors, was killed after being tased by police who he was being chased by.

New York grocery stores may lock up food due to rampant theft and organized theft gangs.

Biden's top secret document problem is he on his way out?

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