"Did We Go?" - A Documentary by Aron Ranen
"Did We Go?" - A Documentary by Aron Ranen

Documentary filmmaker Aron Ranen travels across the USA to interview former astronauts, mission controllers, scientists and others, in an attempt to prove that NASA actually sent men to the moon in 1969.

But proving that the moon landings were not a hoax is not an easy task.

Interviewees: ​Buzz Aldrin - Second man to allegedly walk on the moon Gene Cernan - Last man to allegedly walk on the moon Gene Kranz - Flight Controller Guenter Wendt - Closed Hatch on Apollo 11 capsule at Launch ​Ralph René - Apollo 11 Skeptic and Author of "NASA Mooned America" Bonnie Holmes - Wernher von Braun's NASA Secretary Karl Sendler - Retired NASA Scientist, Former Nazi Eli Rosenbaum - Former Head of US Department of Justice, Office of Special Investigations (OSI) David Williams - NASA Archivist Clancy Handelberg - NAVY Frogman that rescued Apollo 11 John Lewellyn - Mission Controller Alex Cohen - Former slave labourer at Wernher von Braun's Nazi Rocket Factory Michael J.

Nuefeld - Author, The Rocket and the Reich / Smithsonian Space History Expert Dr. Carroll O.

Alley - Lead researcher on Apollo 11 Lunar Laser Reflector Gerald J.

Wasserburg - Cal Tech Apollo 11 Moon Rock Scientist ​Frank Byrne - NASA Section Chief-Tracking Apollo 11 https://moonhoax.com