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Friday, October 22, 2021

Tennessee Aquarium

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Tennessee Aquarium
Tennessee Aquarium

Thom Benson from the Tennessee Aquarium talks about how they coped with the water shortage.

He also talks about their education campaign about eating the Asian Silver Carp, which are crowding out our local fish.


Extra everybody on here with the aquarium on it so of course everybody on the line passing the waters right that we just you know we had the sex everybody felt the effects from it you with a week thursday night were notified to bring in extra staff to care for the two arranges a lot of different way for different exhibit one of the problems of the recording was the water flow into the chiller and you have to keep water reservoirs for the chillers which keeps your temperature water to in the buildings and exhibits cold and the appropriate temperatures delivers animals with you that water supply going answer were very fortunate that early friday morning were able to contribute far to come over and supply us with some water were getting water trucks from construction companies to submit over in the meantime or any icebergs to som exhibits and one of them of vancouver island exhibit a new ilife gallery we had some animals that we lost was for fish mc anemones some see urchins and some sea stars because the root temperature sensitive because they live in very cold water even though the icebergs were floated in the exhibit really good to quickly enough for busy with all the alerts so this past weekend was a really good kind of lesson for people attend finale about what we can do on a daily basis to their watering on the river everybody interactively thought a regular base so everybody has an impact on water water qualit i agree i think the is one of those moments when you come to put on real hard and everybody wakes up realizes waters cheap and abundant we take it for granted we impact water everyday water impact or large so it is important for us to be good stewards of the most resource waters life one and it's not just a thrust it's important for all life with two loops of the waters we live in this really special place so you were lucky that this was just a break was asked relatively quickly compared to place what michigan works water while the quality issue that lasted: my writing time try and those folks in some cases are still is my understanding using bottled water so were lucky that we got to the company the deal takes care of the water provides us with quality water we have to remember that it is a finite resource and we all need to tak her there were talking about being conscious not being good stewards of our environment is coming tennessee aquarium is doing with tva to kind of make sure the other mitigating any species to be good stewards of the environment we launched an educational camp the thursday evening whatever annuals the customer protect sustainable seafood dinner major fundraiser to support her conservation work and were highlighting silver carp because a lot of people don't think of it as a food source and the risk of his story because they are invasive species asian carp there's four different ones that are silver bighead grass carp and black got into a river systems affecting 17 dates of the country and now started to move into the lower portions of the tennessee and cumberland river so tennessee wildlife resources agency the kentucky fish and wildlife tva and other organizations working diligently to keep these fish from making the way upstream signals fish jumping out of the water a video of the silver carp are known for you to jump on the lawn you want boats and stuff like that.

About her that as well yes it is this hostile takeover right resort to taking over land pressure to water the youth the base of the food chain of a devour everything in the water and the crowd the other fish out arms made of populations these guys are invasive species with the other thing is the grief that navigational hazards components of those pictures that you see of the fish jumpin of water imagine if that was in downtown chattanooga right were crazy so they've established a commercial fisheries so people will start eating them here in the united states the fish are harvested and should to 11 different countries worldwide there's two places one in kentucky one paris to the suito actually processing the fish and shipping goes out there is none of the fish is wasted and they're also installing was called bio acoustic fish fence of work with them to keep those fish out of a walk and migrate upstream use of the will use a system of air bubbles led lights and sound to scare these fish out of the channel were boaters locking through their different successful berkeley member put one will be the next would be installed at the mick object just downstream for to work your way downstream to try to keep those fish from making the way up here they go while you are here and they had a couple week ago talking about the asian carp are actually pretty decent to and i was i was there it was pretty good we that all the tablet without they are less sh but if you want a little bit more about the basis she is trip down the tennessee aquarium is downright for more information on her left as well things are going

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